“The recovery period will be set by Puyol

“The recovery period will be set by Puyol"

On Saturday, Club doctors Cugat and Pruna explained the arthroscopy carried out on the team captain on Friday

On Saturday lunchtime, Dr Ramon Cugat and Dr Ricard Pruna gave full details of Friday evening’s operation on Puyol’s right knee.  However, they declined to set a date for his return to action.  Dr Cugat told the press conference: “The recovery period will be set by Puyol.  It could be a month and a half, or two or three”.  At the same time he stressed the player’s positive attitude and described himself as “optimistic” for the 34 year old’s continued career in the top flight.

Pain since October

Dr Pruna also confirmed that “Puyol has been carrying the injury since October, since the away game to Getafe.  It came to the point that he said he couldn’t play any more with this pain.  Taking advantage of the international break and the fact that he has a chance of getting fit again before the end of the season, we decided to do it now.  If not there was a risk of the pain getting worse.  The pain wasn’t going away and this has a psychological effect.  The decisive stage of the season was getting nearer and a solution had to be found.  It was for the best”.

In good spirits and keen to return

Dr Cugat revealed that the exploration detected "the cartilage in the right knee was affected and caused the presence of a free body” in the joint. He also said that the arthroscopy was “lighter” than the one last summer and revealed that it was the player himself who insisted that it should be done as soon as possible and that he is a hurry to get back to playing.  He explained that even in the operating theatre, “he didn’t stop saying 'Juanjo (Brau), tonight we begin the recovery”.

Xavi’s injury still not cured

Dr Pruna also spoke about Xavi Hernández, who will miss the Rayo match due to a thigh problem and has been called up for international duty with Spain.  “We’re worried about him.  He’s carrying a thigh injury.  The post Milan consequences were minimal but it isn’t cured.  We’ve spoken to the national team doctors and they’ve told us they’ll look after him and decide what is best”.

Regarding Éric Abidal, Dr Pruna explained that, “he’s coping with the exercise programme and he’s in good spirits and we’re close to seeing him return to the squad list”.

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