Blusens Monbus – FCB Regal: Epic win in Galicia! (81-86)

Blusens Monbus – FCB Regal: Epic win in Galicia! (81-86)

Xavi Pascual's men dug deep to grind out the win this afternoon away to the Galician team Tomic, with 16 points, and Wallace, with 13, were decisive for the Blaugrana

FC Barcelona Regal came away with a valuable victory this afternoon away to Blusens Monbus (81-86). Despite missing multiple key players, Xavi Pascual’s team started off on the right foot and jumped to a 0-7 lead, with Lorbek, Oleson and Ingles leading the charge. The Blaugrana made up for their various errors on offense by dominating in the rebound department - on both sides of the court - allowing them to get to the halfway mark of the first quarter with an advantage of seven points. Blusens, spurred on by the fans, reacted and battled back to make it 14-14 at the end of the first quarter.

Same story in the second quarter

The home team took their first lead of the match at the start of the second quarter when they went on a 4-0 run. The Blaugrana, led by Wallace and Oleson, fired back and jumped to a six-point lead (17-23).

Just as in the first quarter, Blusens rallied at the end of the quarter to reach parity with their rivals before the break.

Even across the board

The two teams battled it out in the third quarter but neither side managed to really carve out an advantage. Corbacho, who was devastating from the three-point line, put the home team in front by one point (44-43). Abrines, however, beat the buzzer to bring Barça Regal level before the last and final quarter (47-47).

Crazed ending to an epic match

The home team’s hopes were in Corbacho’s accuracy from long range, and the player didn’t disappoint as he fired Blusens to a six-point lead. Not to be outdone, Barça Regal hit back with a 8-0 run, but Humel reined the Catalans in with a basket of his own. With the score at 69-67, Tomic secured a 2+1 play, bringing Barça level in the dying seconds of the match. His free throw, however, missed its mark. The teams ended the game with 69-69 on the scoreboard. The match was to be decided in overtime.

Abrines sunk two three pointers to give Barça a two-point lead (74-76). The advantage proved to be enough as the Blaugrana managed to hold off Blusens’ attack for the remainder of the match. The final score was 81 to 86 for Barça Regal.

Força Barça
Força Barça
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