Cesc: “It’ll be an exciting tie”

Cesc: “It’ll be an exciting tie”

The midfielder believes the “key to the tie will be having the ball”. Speaking after the Levante game, he said: “We know that if we win the league, we will have been incredibly consistent from beginning to end”.

The first thing Cesc did at the end of the match was to go and congratulate Abidal: “I went and told him, ‘You’re the greatest’”. Cesc believes that Abidal’s achievement “has been spectacular. He played as if he had never stopped playing. He’s an example for the whole world and we hope he carries on like this because he’ll help us a lot for the rest of the season”.

The outstanding player against Levante and scorer of the only goal of the match, Cesc Fàbregas was interviewed on Barça TV and spoke about the upcoming tie against Bayern in the Champions League.

He is convinced that Barça will have to be at their best to make it through to Wembley on 25th May. “The key to the tie will be having the ball. They’re excellent with the ball”. He singles out Robben and Ribéry for special praise: “They’re really strong on the wings and their forward line, for example Mandzukic and Mario Gómez, is on fire. And I really like Müller. I believe they have great team but so have we. It’ll be an exciting tie”.

“We’re going to have a tough time in both matches. If we have possession, we have to try and finish off the moves. They may not play such a counterattacking game as Real Madrid, for example, but they know how to and if Robben and Ribéry get the space they can do you a lot of damage”.

“Humility the key to success”

However, Cesc believes there are no favourites in the tie: “We’ve never considered ourselves favourites. This team’s humility is one of the keys to our success”. But that said, he believes “We’re fresh and rested. I believe we’ll be up to the job”.

League title within reach

Cesc Fàbregas revealed that the win against Levante has given the players a boost ahead of Tuesday’s game. His goal has taken Barça to within two wins of lifting the league title: “We’ll try and win those two matches as soon as possible and become champions”.

“We know that the Champions League is a special title but the league is where we dedicate the most effort. Some people try and devalue the title but we know that if we win the league, we will have been incredibly consistent from beginning to end”.

Finally, Cesc spoke about the winning mentality displayed by the team: “Tito has everyone at his best and he let’s us all take part. He knows that if we treat the matches with disciple, personality and desire, we all play. There’s a big enough squad to make two teams that could beat any team. This team’s winning mentality is what most surprises me”.

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