The ten best comments from Tito Vilanova’s press conference

The ten best comments from Tito Vilanova’s press conference

We look back at the first team manager’s press conference by picking out the ten moist memorable comments he made

Tito Vilanova spoke to the press today about his return to Barcelona and the first team’s form in his first official conference since returning from treatment in New York.

1) “I feel well after all that I’ve been through, I didn’t come back any earlier because there were some secondary effects. But I’m feeling better with every day and I was really looking forward to returning here”.

2) “I never considered giving up my job. It is no burden to me and the doctors told me that the best thing I could do was to work”.

3) “Within cycles, titles come in peaks. We have made it into six semi finals. Next season it will be hard to make it seven”.

4) “We are Barça and we are playing at home. It would be unbelievable of me to say that we can easily come back. It will be difficult, but our obligation is to win. The game will tell us. We cannot say that we are incapable of making a comeback against Bayern”.

5) “I would have understood any decision by the Club [if they had looked to replace him]. We should be happy that the players have managed to hold themselves in the league and be grateful for the effort they have made”.

6) “To me, it doesn’t change the way we should think about the players or the squad. My approach to meetings will not change because of these results. We have won everything, some of the players are young, others are not, but they are all very keen, and that’s the best thing”.

7) “You can always improve. I think we’re having an excellent league season, competing with some very strong teams, and we have done a lot of things very well, although I do agree that some could have been better”.

8) “I haven’t spoken to Víctor Valdés. He said he wouldn’t be renewing his contract, not that he won’t be here next season. His attitude in training and matches is just as spectacular”.

9) “When we lose a game, it’s to just say that we should change the players. Who do we bring in? It isn’t easy to adapt to this club. The basis of this team is the basis for the Spain team”.

10) “Jordi Roura didn’t have an easy role. He did a very good job of it. I’m also very grateful on a personal level. He did well, and so did Aureli Altimira and all of the other coaching staff. Now we have better staff than we did when I left”.

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