Framework Presentation of XXXIV World Congress of Supporters Clubs

Framework Presentation of XXXIV World Congress of Supporters Clubs

The document that will be the route map for the immediate future of the movement is now available Amendments can be presented until next July 22

On occasion of the Joan Gamper Trophy, August 1 and 2 are the dates of the XXXIV World Congress of Supporters Clubs in the Palau de Congressos de Catalunya. Once again, the first day will be for work, where representatives from the different clubs will be able to attend meetings focuses on each of the points on the agenda.

The second day will be institutional, where the Board of Directors will be reviewing matters of current interest to FC Barcelona and its supporters clubs, as well as the club’s plans for the immediate future.

Ongoing teamwork

The Framework Presentation is the result of the work that has been done by the thematic commission and the Supporters Clubs Advisory Council all season. This ensures that the work is continuous and is done in teams, evaluating and weighting the different possibilities to ensure the movement moves forward strongly.

The most important matters include the consolidation of the new territorial organisation, which will come into effect after the Congress. The objectives that have been marked need fine-tuning, as does the representation of supporters clubs within federations, and the latter at the World Congress. The Framework Presentation will also establish the route map for the territorial organisation of Area 3.

Another of the key points is the updating of the supporters clubs regulations, which need to be adapted to the new changes. There may also be changes to the coefficients for ticket distribution, based on the supporters clubs census that is finalising on Sunday.

Amendments until July 22

Self-management has been, since the very outset, one of the main aims of this Board of Directors with respect to the supporters clubs. Since 2010, all changes have been voted and approved democratically by the clubs themselves at recent congresses.

Until July 22, supporters clubs can present any amendments they would like to propose for the framework presentation. These amendments will be debated on the work day in order to decide whether or not they are to be included in the document prior to the vote to accept them in their totality.

You can download the Framework Presentation of XXXIV World Congress of Supporters Clubs by clicking on the link below.

[[BOTOVERMELL::Keynote Presentation++2013::]]

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