The FC Barcelona Museum unveils its Salvador Espriu exposition

The FC Barcelona Museum unveils its Salvador Espriu exposition

The Club commemorates Salvador Espriu and the Año Espriu with an exposition dedicated to the works of the Catalan author. The exposition will remain open through the end of the calendar year

The FC Barcelona Museum is hosting an exposition dedicated to Salvador Espriu. It’s a small exposition, where Museum attendees can learn about the Catalan author through texts and quotes translated into various languages.

The exposition is located in the hall that’s home to the titles that Barça has won throughout its long and storied history. The Club and the Espriu organisation are expecting the exposition to be successful given the high volume of visitors the Museum welcomes every year.

“Getting close to Catalan culture”

The exposition was presented this Wednesday morning, and FC Barcelona’s institutional vice-president, Carles Vilarrubí, was in attendance. “This corner of the Museum will serve to bring Catalan culture closer to the 1.5 million visitors [we receive each year],” he said. “People who visit us will get a flash of the significance this powerful figure has had on Catalan literature.”

The commissioner of the ‘Año Espriu,’ Xavier Bru de Sala, highlighted Barça’s extraordinary collaboration to make the exposition a reality: “Barça are one of the institutions that have contributed the most to make the purpose of the Año Espriu a reality, which is to bring [his work] beyond those who are interested in learning about culture so that it can reach as many citizens as possible.”

Barça committed to the Año Espriu

FC Barcelona is one of many Catalan institutions that’s committed to celebrate the Año Espriu in 2013, which commemorates the 100-year anniversary of the author’s birth. The Club organised a special tribute to Salvador Espriu before the match between Barça and Levante, which coincided with the festivities of Sant Jordi.

Espriu is one of the most well-known Catalan authors, and the values that guided his life are ones that the Club holds dear: Catalan identity, universality, social commitment and democracy.

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