Payment details for Supporters’ Club card

Payment details for Supporters’ Club card

As soon as the census has been completed, the Club will begin to issue and dispatch the Supporters’ Club cards Supporters’ Clubs can provide payment details from 7th to 22nd October

Following on from the census, the Club is working on issuing and dispatching the new Supporters’ Club cards. In line with the decisions of the Worldwide Congress, the card will cost 2€ including VAT.

The Club has always recognised the great work done by the Supporters’ Clubs in promoting the Barça cause. But now, Supporters’ Clubs members will have their own official membership card identifying them as members of an official Supporters’ Club.

Payment process

From 7th to 22nd October, the Supporters’ Clubs will have to fill in a form – available on the website – with their payment details. You’ll need to have to hand the user code and pin number of the Supporters’ Club.

You’ll also have to provide the name, email address, contact telephone number and payment method. Supporters’ Clubs in Spain and Andorra must give their bank account number including the IBAN code, while foreign clubs need to supply their credit card details – number and expiry date. The Club will send an invoice by email and the corresponding payment will be taken in two parts – the first in the middle of December and the second at the end of January. If you require a paper copy of the invoice, please contact the Supporters’ Clubs Dept.

Once we have received all the bank details, the Club will send out the cards to the SC’s so they can distribute them to their members.

A long-standing demand

This long-awaited innovation opens up a whole new era for the Supporters’ Clubs. After a campaign going back many years, members of our official Supporters’ Clubs will have a direct link with Barça.

The commitment made by the Board of Directors to carry out the “Penyes Segle XXI”, project and the work done by the various commissions have made it possible to turn this dream into a reality. However, it is the determination of the SC’s themselves that has led the way. The new memberships card will boost the appeal of the SC’s, bring them in line with modern practice and attract the young people the movement needs to remain in good health.

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