Sergio Busquets: “We reached our goal”

Sergio Busquets: “We reached our goal”

“We saw a good Barça tonight. The team are playing well and our goal is clear: play at a good level and win matches. That’s our philosophy," says Xavi

He scored Barça’s second goal against Milan this Wednesday and he also was one of the standout players of the match. After the game, Sergio Busquets said that he was very pleased that he got to score, especially from a header: “We aren’t a tall team, most of the time we play the short option on free kicks and corners. But we managed [to score from a header] this Wednesday and I’m happy.”

The midfielder is also pleased that Barça have qualified for the next round of the Champions League: “We’ve reached our goal. I think that we played a good first half, it’s a shame that we conceded an own goal. Even though we had some trouble in the second half, the match was played well and I’m pleased that we won and that we have a spot in the next round.”

When asked further about the second half, the midfielder explained that Milan were more incisive because “they varied their tactics and it was difficult for us to cover the wings. Abate went deep and Muntari covered the middle. I think that's when Milan were most dangerous, but everything was easier when we got our third goal.”

Praise for Messi

When Busquets was also asked about Messi’s current form, the midfielder said “we knew it was only a matter of time because he's decisive and in front of goal he’s always on form.” He added that the team “are not at 100% and it will be difficult to replicate the form the team showed during the Guardiola years, both because our level and the level of our rivals, they didn’t know us back then.”

Here are statements made by some of the players after the match:

Xaiv Hernández:

“I’m happy that we won. We played a good match, it got a bit complicated when they scored but we could have won by a wider margin.”

“We saw a good Barça tonight. The team are playing well and our goal is clear: play at a good level and win matches. That’s our philosophy.”

“We will try to play at an excellent level in order to secure good results. We’re on the right path. Logically, it’s difficult because we have to play against teams that close themselves off at the back.”

“I think Messi is playing well. Everyone can always play better football, and he’s set the bar very high.”

Neymar Jr:

“I’m happy because we won and that we secured a spot in the next round.”

“We still have a way to go, but the most important thing is to keep on growing as a team.”

“Leo Messi is a great player, a genius. He’s the best in the world. I think that he can win another Ballon d’Or.”

Gerard Piqué:

“We can improve. We’re coming off of three to five successful years, now it seems that everything we do comes up short.”

Força Barça
Força Barça

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