FC Barcelona's Scottish contingent

FC Barcelona's Scottish contingent

In all, 10 Scottish players have turned out for Barça - the majority of them in the Club's early years

Over the course of its long history, ten Scottish players have played for FC Barcelona  - the most recent being Steve Archibald, whislt most of the others were players in the Club's early years. George Pattullo has the most spectacular record - having scored 43 goals in 23 games.

Early years

At the start of 1900, a group of Scottish workers - mainly working at a Sant Andreiu textile mill - organised a footbal lteam called Escocès FC. The team had a very short life and was broken up in November of the same year, but four of its members -David Mauchan, Joseph Black, Geordie Girvan and John Hamilton went on to play for Barça.

The three Morris brothers  -John, Samuel and  Henry - a defender, keeper and striker - all turned out for Barça on May 15 1902 in the first Spanish Championship Final against Vizcaya at the Madrid Hipodrome, when Barça lost 1-2.

Pattullo - a model for Paulino Alcántara

George Pattullo was one of Barça's first great goal scorers, bagging 43 goals in 23 games between 1910 and 1912. He was known as 'el gran Pattullo’, and was a teacher to the legendary Paulino Alcántara, being the first player to master the volleyed shot on the turn. Pattullo was one of the Barça's most famous goal scorers, but in fact the Scotsman had begun his career as a goalkeeper!

He first played as a forward in a kick about, when he caught the eye of Joan Gamper who signed him up on the spot. He was always well loved by thea fans who never forgot his great gesture of returning from Scotland, where he hd retired, to play in the 1912 Copa dels Pirineus semi-final against Espanyol.

Steve Archibald the clinical finisher of the 1984/85 League

 Steve Archibald was a classy centre forward, who Terry Venables brought over for the 1984/85 season. The ex-Spurs man soon won over the fans with his friendly manner and especially his goals. The 15 he scored in the league campaign that first season were key in Barça lifting the title for the first time in 11 years.

Unfortunately, At¡rchibald suffered badly from injuries the following season and at the start of the 1986/87 campaign his place as a foreigner in the team was taken by Mark Hughes and he was demoted to the Barcelona Atlètic side. Hughes left before the season was out though and Archibald came back into favour, though he was loaned out the following season and never played for the team again.


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