Cesc Fàbregas: “I've always supported this Club”

Cesc Fàbregas: “I've always supported this Club”

"I went to the Nou Camp for the first time when I was nine months old - my grandfather took me!” - Cesc. "Scoring in the Wembley final made me very happy; we put in a great performance” -Pedro Rodríguez

In an interview with UEFA.com, Cesc Fabregas and Pedro Rodriguez discuss their experiences at Barça, their best moments and what it means for them to play at what  they consider "the best club in the world ." The Catalan midfielder, who was a La Masia graduate before signing for Arsenal and then returning to the Club in 2011, explains: "I have always been a fan of the Club. I went to the Nou Camp for the first time when I was nine months old  - my  grandfather took me!” . Fabregas believes that the key to being a Barça player is you "must combine technical quality and a tactical mind".

 “In midfield I have more responsibility"

Fabregas also spoke about what his role is in the team: "it varies depending on whether I play in midfield or up front. If I am in the middle, I have more responsibility. I always try to give everything and I consider myself first and foremost a midfielder. Football is my life. I've been lucky , I've always had good coaches”.

It’s not just family ties that attract Cesc to the Club though, it’s also knowing he’s somewhere with a winning mentality: "if you play for Barca, you have a chance to win it all. I'm here because I'm with the best team in the world and that is also the team I’ve supported all my life”. Cesc also admitted he’d had: "some good times and some not so good”.

"The Champions League is very prestigious"

Pedro Rodriguez has already won two Champions League medals with Barça in 2009 and 2011 and he is well aware that “the title is very prestigious. This season  - with the exception of the Ajax defeat -  we have put in some great games and along with  Bayern and some of the other big teams, we are again favourites to win the competition”.

Pedro also reflects on his two winning finals, explaining: “in Rome I came on as a  substitute – it was a great experience,  very intense and unforgettable. The 2011 final was in a great ground and it was a historic win for the Club. Scoring in that final made me very happy; we put in a great performance”.

The winger also explains how he has changed as a player since breaking into the Barça first team: "I'm a better player tactically, I’m stronger and faster ... I’ve learnt a lot from all my colleagues and all the players who I’ve played with”.

Força Barça
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