Penya Fanatiek drove 1300 km for Jana

Penya Fanatiek drove 1300 km for Jana

The Penya Fanatiek drove to Barcelona to help a girl with Dravet’s Syndrome A 1970 VW Beetle painted in the Club colours drove to the Camp Nou

The charity work done by the FC Barcelona penyes movement is well known and the clubs constantly represent the Club beyond simply watching games together.

Jana is a seven year old girl with Dravet Syndrome, a form of epilepsy and affects one in every 20 to forty thousand people. There is currently only experimental treatment available and is very expensive The Penya Fanatiek FC Barcelona Limburg, in Belgium, heard of Jana’s case and got in touch with her parents to offer their help.

Support for Jana

The penya, whose president is Toni Freire, began a series of raffle draws of Barça memorabilia to raise money for Jana’s treatment.

VW Beetle at the Camp Nou

The most recent activity took place on the first weekend in April when the club drove a 1970 VW Beetle they own and which is decorated with Barça themes and the Fanatiek club crest th 13000km to the Camp Nou on a sponsored drive.

Sponsors paid between 0.50€ and 1.50€ per kilometer travelled, so as to help Jana’s family.

Signatures to raise money

There was also a 150 Euro contribution from every person who signed the boot of the car and many of the FC Barcelona board, including President Josep M. Bartomeu, showed their support and met Jana and her father who had also made the journey.

Força Barça
Força Barça
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