FC Barcelona v ElPozo Murcia: Spanish Cup, as well! (4-3)

FC Barcelona v ElPozo Murcia: Spanish Cup, as well! (4-3)

Marc Carmona's team, in extra time, win another trophy one week after winning the European Cup ElPozo went ahead three times, and Barça had to suffer, but won the match with a Fernandao goal in extra time

Another trophy in the bag. Another Spanish Cup, making it four out of four possible. Barça Alusport are still making history, and this Saturday won the Cup after coming from behind three times in the match against  a great El Pozo outfit. Fernandao scored the deciding goal in extra time.

ElPozo strike first

The first half was pretty even. El Pozo were comfortable on the ball. Fran Serrejón's players – their coach Duda was suspended -, gave Barça lots of problems, with great work from Juampi, and José Ruiz, the former Barça player, scored the first goal following up a Juampi effort. 1-0 to ElPozo at the break, but with a long way to go.

Barça reaction

Barça came out fighting after the break, looking more like the European Champions. Lin made a great run down the flank and passed for Aicardo, to make it 1-1.  ElPozo kept going and had their chances, but Barça looked confident and very concentrated.

Goals from Franklin and Igor

Just when it looked like Barça must score, ElPozo went ahead again. Another young talent from Murcia, Franklin, made  a great run and slipped the ball past Sedano to make it 2-1 to ElPozo. Their joy lasted only two minutes though, as the Brazilian Igor showed a touch of brilliance to draw level at 2-2.

Lozano equalises with thirty seconds to go

In the final stages Barça looked the better side, but ELPozo went ahead once again with a goal from Eko, following a great pass from Adri. From that moment Carmona took a big risk, playing a rush goalie, and it paid dividends as Lozano, with a tremendous shot made the score 3-3, taking the game into extra time.

Ever present Fernandao

In extra time, of two halves of 5 minutes, Barça decided the match. There was no score after the first five minutes, even though Barça carried on with the rush goalie tactic. In the second half of extra time both teams came close to scoring, and ElPozo, with a Campos double penalty, came very close, but with one minute left, Fernandao scored the deciding goal after a great run from Lozano, to give Barça their fourth Spanish Cup Title.

Força Barça
Força Barça
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