Keynote Address at XXXV World Supporters Clubs Congress

Keynote Address at XXXV World Supporters Clubs Congress

The document to be discussed at the important meeting has been published

Supporters clubs have until August 8 to present amendments to their federation

On occasion of the Joan Gamper Trophy on August 17 and 18, the XXXV World Supporters Clubs Congress is being held in the Palau de Congressos de Catalunya. As in other years, the first day will be used for work, where representatives of each supporters club will be able to attend meetings to deal with certain topics.

Day two is institutional. The Board of Directors will present a review of the season, and will also explain the plans for a bright future both for members and for supporters clubs.

A historic congress

This year’s congress will be the first using the new territorial federation system. Each federation has a certain number of representatives on the movement’s supreme body, based on the number of clubs and members in each.

There are some promising plans being put together for the movement. The next step is to constitute the Confederation of Barça Supporters Clubs, which will be main symbol of the movement’s self-management. This should raise the organisational level of the movement, and among other things, will help to fill the content of the Supporters Club Membership Card, one of the greatest achievements of recent years.

Until August 8 for amendments

The Board of Directors have made it clear that the self-management of the movement is a major issue of importance. For the last five years, all changes have been voted on, and the Board has expressed its approval of the democratic fashion in which recent congresses have been conducted.

Supporters club members have until August 8 to propose any amendments to the Framework Presentation. These must be presented to their regional federation representatives, and shall be put to debate during the work day in order to decide whether or not to include them in the final document, which shall then be voted on.

You can download the Keynote Address of the XXXV World Supporters Clubs Congress by clicking on the link below.

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You can also download Keynote Addresses from previous conferences

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