Claudio Bravo:

Claudio Bravo: "It’s a matter of adapting to the new system"

Chile international highlights tactical differences He insists he has adapted well and is enjoying training

"I’ve had to change a lot but I’ve felt at home since the very first day”.  Speaking at Tuesday’s press conference, the Chile international highlighted the differences in tactics but insisted he has adapted quickly to the new system.  “You always have to be prepared”.  “I talk with Luis Enrique every day, about lots of different stuff – positioning, strategy, styles...”

Claudio Bravo had little to do in the opening match against Elche thanks to the constant pressure exerted by his team-mates, but, as he told reporters today, “You have to stay focussed on every move so that when you have to intervene, you’re 100% concentrated and in touch with your team-mates”.  Apart from the three points, he highlighted the fact that, the team kept their shape and pressure”.  “We played for a long time with a man less and we overcame this by keeping up the pressure.  That gives me confidence”.

Tactical differences

The former Real Sociedad keeper explained that the attacking playing style of FC Barcelona means that there is often a lot of space between the keeper and the defence.  That space has to be patrolled by the goalkeeper.  “I’m used to playing in a similar way with Chile.  The defensive lines are usually past the halfway line and any long ball can cause problems.  It’s a matter of adapting to the new system”.  Judging by his performance last weekend, Claudio is having no trouble whatsoever adapting!

He clarified that the players work on both man-to-man and zonal marking in training.  “You have to be ready for anything and I feel comfortable with both systems”.


Bravo was asked about another newcomer – Munir.  “I wasn’t surprised because I see him every day.  Those of us who know him aren’t surprised.  He has the quality to go a long way”.


He’s settling down well at the Club and has been pleasantly surprised by, “the personal touch of the people who work with us”.  “People have helped me a lot”.  “I’m very happy on the personal level”.  As for his relationship with the Club’s other two keepers, Masip and Ter Stegen, he assured us, “There’s healthy competition between us.  That helps to raise the level of the team and maintain the internal competition that the new manager wants to see throughout the season”.

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