Sandro Ramírez, FC Barcelona's 21st Canary Islander

Sandro Ramírez, FC Barcelona's 21st Canary Islander

The striker follows on from the likes of Pedro, Jeffren and Mario

Sandro Ramírez has become the 21st player from the archipelago located just off the northwest coast of Africa to have played for the Barça first team. And he did so at El Madrigal in the company of one of the finest players ever to come from his homeland, Pedro Rodríguez. 

Two other Canary Islanders have played official matches for FCB since the turn of the century: Jeffren (2008-11) and Mario (2003/04). The former, famous for scoring the fifth goal in the 5-0 win against Real Madrid, was actually born in Venezuela, but his family moved across the Atlantic when he was only one year old. The latter, a centre back, was born in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and was 16 when he first came to the mainland to play for Atlético Madrid. 

Of the other 17 Canary Islanders, one in particular will be well remembered by older supporters. That was Gerardo Miranda, right back at the club between 1981 and 1988 who made no fewer than 279 appearances. And not forgetting Ángel Arocha, considered one of the first true legends in FC Barcelona history, and who arrived from Tenerife to score an astonishing 215 goals in 207 matches from 1926 to 1933

Here is a full list of the players from Spain’s southernmost region that have played for Barça:

Ángel Arocha Santa Cruz de Tenerife 1926-1933
Bernardino Semán Santa Cruz de Tenerife 1929-1932
Victorio Cruz Riverol Las Palmas 1932-1934
José Padrón Las Palmas 1932-1934
Juan Trujillo Las Palmas 1933-1935
Domingo Ruano Las Palmas 1934-1935
Luis Miranda Las Palmas 1939-1940
Juan Hilario Marrero Pérez Las Palmas 1939-1940
Quique Pérez Santa Cruz de Tenerife 1940-1941
Cristóbal Ceballos García Las Palmas 1940-1943
Juan Herrera Las Palmas 1941-1942
Alfonso Rodríguez 'Foncho' La Laguna 1960-1967
Vicente González Sosa Agaete 1961-1966
Juan Díaz 'Juanito' Santa Cruz de Tenerife 1971-1974
José Antonio Barrios Santa Cruz de Tenerife 1972-1974
Gerardo Miranda Port Éttienne (Mauritania) 1981-1988
Marco Tomás Gutiérrez 'Tommy' Orotava 1988
Mario Álvarez Santa Cruz de Tenerife 2003-2004
Jeffren Suárez Ciudad Bolívar (Venezuela) 2008-2011
Pedro Rodríguez Santa Cruz de Tenerife 2008- ?
Sandro Ramírez Las Palmas 2014-?
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