We are 150,000!

We are 150,000!

Now that the cards have all been renewed, we can tell how many of us there are

Last November 18, the Supporters Clubs Department extracted the data from OAP Online to begin processing the supporters club membership cards for 2015. It was thus revealed that there 150,000 of us marking Barça territory around the world.

Card schedule

The new cards will be processed in December and sent out in January. Clubs will be invoiced in February and will need to pay in March.

As with the first ever issue of these cards, it will be the clubs that receive them and who must then distribute them among their members.

Seeking benfits

The Supporters Clubs Council, through the Commission on Communication and Marketing is working on ways to offer cardholders even more benefits each year. One of the aims is for them to enjoy different and exclusive promotions, also within their territories.

The card costs the same as it did last year, as required by the statutes.

Click below to view the benefits of having a supporters club membership card.

[[BOTOVERMELL::Penyista Card++Advantages::http://penyes.fcbarcelona.com/detail/article/season/2013-2014/penyista-card-advantages::HOR::NF::NO-TRACKING::::::]]

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