The Movement, more solid than ever

The Movement, more solid than ever

As we come to the end of 2014, we take a look at progress made this past year in the supporters club movement

We are nearing the end of a year in which the supporters club movement has strengthened its presence in the region as well as within the Club and has also become part a new organisation.

Building stronger links with the Club

Territorial consolidation of the new federation model has been a success with the commitment of the 1,300 active supporters clubs.

In addition, statutory reforms have allowed federation presidents to become member delegates. The Club’s Ordinary General Assembly held in October was a historic moment. For the first time, the supporters club movement had a voice and was able to vote. It became clear that the Club was fully represented.

Another historic achievement this year was the Supporters Club Membership Card. Supporters club members are now also part of the Club, with a card that directly ties them to FC Barcelona.

The supporters clubs also played a special role in the presentation of the Nou Espai Barça. Before the referendum, there were several meetings held in which almost all Catalan supporters clubs were represented. The Camp Nou, Tickets and Travel Commission noted suggestions from supporters clubs so the project could aim to meet the needs of everyone.

More technology, more information, better communication

In 2014 saw exponential growth in the presence of supporters clubs on social networks. In one year we have grown to over 2,000,000 fans on Facebook.

Moreover, we implemented a new informational tool with the latest technology. The Supporters Club App keeps everyone up to date regarding the Club in general as well as in relation to the supporters clubs. This development, along with the new Infopenyes, with better resolution and more versatility for optimal reading on any device, strengthens the Club’s transparency at all levels.

Barça at home, and around the world

The supporters clubs are an organisational backbone, not only locally, but also regionally, made evident by the large number of activities held by them. More than 700 supporters club events were held, 300 of which were institutionally supported by FC Barcelona.

The Congress and the World Meeting, held in August, were organizational successes with outstanding participation. The 7-a-side Football Tournament, the Cards Tournament and the Supporters Club Football Games were the big attractions at the Meeting. And the Congress was, once again, decisive for the movement with decisions being made democratically. More than 1,500 supporters club members enjoyed the activities that took place at FC Barcelona’s facilities.

This year, charity events coordinated by the Solidarity Council have had a primary role. Supporters clubs have shown once again that they are important contributors to the society around them, with the strength and willingness to help those who are less fortunate.

The way forward

Following the new organisational model based on federations, the movement has begun a final and important step. The World Confederation of FC Barcelona Supporters Clubs is set to become an organisation uniting all federations.

This model, as proposed in the Supporters' Clubs Project for the 21st Century, is the culmination of an organised, united and self-governed movement. It is with this project that we enter 2015, sure to be a big year for both the movement and for Barça.

Força Barça
Força Barça

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