FC Barcelona v Unicaja Malaga: Overtime win ensures cup berth (114-110)

FC Barcelona v Unicaja Malaga: Overtime win ensures cup berth (114-110)

A spectacular game went into overtime and ended in an important win for the Catalans A last second Abrines three pointer took the game into OT, where Huertas and Lampe secured the victory

FC Barcelona won a fantastic match 114-110. It truly was a pleasure to behold for everyone assembled in the Palau Blaugrana. The ACB leaders were toppled in a game that Abrines took into overtime with a last gasp three, and then Huertas and Lampe ensured their side will be heading for the cup in the Canary Islands.

Big scores

The game stormed into action, with Jackson repeating his excellent form against Madrid as Barça took the early lead. Unicaja were missing Granger but benefitted from fine displays from Markovic and Golubovic to maintain the pace. Rapid transitions and few turnovers for either side meant the first period ended with a tremendously high score of 27-24.

The second period was just as lively, with Abrines putting his injury woes behind him to lead the charge, but FCB conceded far too many rebounds, which meant their half-time lead was not as substantial as it could have been (52-45).

Unicaja react

Malaga’s defending looked dodgy in the third period, but they more than made up for that in offence, with Green, Markovic and an exceptional Toolson pulling the shots. A surge towards the end of the period put the visitors ahead for the first time since it had been 9-10.

That was 33 points for the Andalusians in the third quarter, but Barça didn’t let their heads drop. A season best of 20 three pointers, with Thomas looking sensational and Huertas and Hezonja producing plenty of magic, saw the home side back in a commanding lead with five minutes to play, at 91-86.


With Markovic fouled out, Unicaja hit trouble, but two offensive fouls by Tomic helped them get six in a row to edge back into the lead (91-92). Unicaja had it won with 3.5 seconds on the clock, whereupon Abrines basketed an astonishing three to take the game into overtime.

Unicaja went four up during OT, and Barça had lost both of Thomas and Doellman. But Huertas and Lampe particularly believed it could still be done. Three loses of possession in offence for Unicaja were exploited to the full. Barça had won the most thrilling game the Palau has seen this season.

Força Barça
Força Barça
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