Ticket requests for Athletic Club v FC Barcelona, from Monday January 26th

Ticket requests for Athletic Club v FC Barcelona, from Monday January 26th

Exclusive for Club members who make requests by Tuesday January 27th through a form available on the website

From Monday, January 26th at 10.00am (CET) until Tuesday, January 27th at 7.00pm (CET), Barça members may request tickets for the league match between Athletic Club Bilbao and FC Barcelona at the San Mamés, set for Sunday, February 8th at 9.00pm (CET).

Requests are exclusive for club members, and may only be made through a form available in the members' section of the club website, www.fcbarcelona.com. Each member may only make one request for one ticket, but up to four members make requests on a single form, if they wish to travel together.

85% for members and supporters clubs

For this match, FC Barcelona has a total of 610 entries. As usual, 85% of these tickets will be distributed to members (414) and supporters clubs (104). The remaining tickets will be allocated to the Club's institutional commitments and sponsors.

Currently ticket prices have not been finalised, as Athletic Club has not yet made them official. As a result, a €40.00 booking fee will be charged, and when you pick up your ticket you may choose based on price and availability, paying the difference between the final ticket price the booking fee.

All requests will be processed after the deadline. If there are more requests than tickets available, there will be a draw on January 28th before a notary. Then, between the 28th and 29th, the club will contact the winning members to charge for the tickets and give instructions on how to pick up the tickets.

Please be reminded that members under age 6 may not make ticket requests for away games. In addition, one credit card can only be used to request a maximum of eight tickets. Please note that the member who made the request must pick up the ticket in person. If you cannot pick it you must inform the Club of the name and ID number of the person who will pick up the ticket in place. This person may only pick up a maximum of eight tickets requested by other people.

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