Luis Enrique cautious about Granada

Luis Enrique cautious about Granada

The FC Barcelona manager had plenty to say at his Friday press conference

Just before the final training session before the trip to Granada, Luis Enrique spoke to the press about the difficulty of playing teams that are in such desperate need of points. Players to get a specific mention on Friday afternoon included Sergio Busquets, Dani Alves, Xavi, Luis Suárez and Marc Bartra.

The following is a selection of comments made by the Barça manager:


“Sometimes you expect one kind of game and you get another. We are up against a side in dire need of points and they’ll make things hard for us.”

“In 95% of our league matches we face teams that come out and defend. Sometimes we find solutions, but sometimes we don’t, and the opposition are to be congratulated for doing that.”

“We can’t make a general analysis of our achievements until the end of the season.”

“If you look at the fixture list, you’ll see that the margin for error is the same as last season. It could go down to the very last day once again.”

“We have played five games at 4 o’clock and won three, drawn one and lost one. I don’t think that’s bad record, but it could be better.”

Sergio Busquets

“It’s fantastic that Sergio has renewed his contract. He’s a true pro and there is no doubting his performances, It’s great news for everyone at Barça.”

Dani Alves

“You can tell from the teams I pick that I have a lot of trust in Dani Alves. He’s a top notch player and a real professional. But these are the kind of decisions that people at the club will have to make.”

“Dani Alves is one of the most cheerful members of the squad. He’s positive, optimistic and has a winning mentality. Now I have got to know him more closely, I can confirm that he is a fine example of what a professional should be like. He is not the first player to walk off a pitch sad or angry. Some are more effusive about how they feel and others less so.”


“Unfortunately, I can’t play everyone in the team, but Xavi is still a key player. He is helping the team in a number of situations. Some players are always going to play less than others. It’s a shame but that’s the way it is.”

Luis Suárez

“He’s been doing well all season. We are very happy with his performances. He was already doing well before he scored those two goals.”

Marc Bartra

“He is very similar to our centre backs. He knows how to play the ball, he’s quick and he has all the basic defensive concepts. He’s also strong and very good in the air. He’s a fierce competitor and I am very happy with his contribution all season.”

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