Piqué believes Messi, Neymar and Suárez have perfect understanding

Piqué believes Messi, Neymar and Suárez have perfect understanding

In an interview with UEFA, the defender admits he has never seen a relationship like the one that the Barça front three have

His own personal life, the Barça style, head coach Luis Enrique and childhood memories were just some of the topics discussed during a recent interview by UEFA media with Gerard Piqué, who also touched on certain aspects of Barça’s current season.

One of those aspects was the relationship between the front three at FC Barcelona. The Catalan defender admitted that he has never seen such an understanding like that of Messi, Suárez and Neymar, a partnership that is worthy of the highest praise. “We are talking about the best players in the world and they have a special relationship. They understand each other perfectly. There is no hint of jealousy and you can see that out on the field in their performances.”

In the interview Piqué also showed a more personal side, talking of his love for FC Barcelona which started at a young age. “When you go to the stadium, little by little, you fall in love with the Club and its history.” Piqué also explained how the symbolism of the anthem, the ‘Cant del Barça’, has come back to him with the birth of his children. "When Milan goes to bed, he only wants to hear the Barça anthem. That's when you see that it is part of our lives and it is passed on through generations.”

Piqué also touched on current topics at FC Barcelona.

The Champions League

“We know that the road will be difficult because now we find ourselves up against tough sides, so for that reason, it’s a question of little details. It’s very important to avoid injuries and continue with the same confidence. If we can do that then we’ll have a chance of winning it.”

Leo Messi

“Leo knows how to read games perfectly because he is very intelligent. He feels confident beginning on the wing and that has given Luis [Suárez] the chance to play through the middle, his ideal position. I think that is the right decision because the team has got better, Messi is as brilliant as ever and Suárez is giving us goals.”

What Luis Enrique asks for

“Luis Enrique has very clear ideas and the team have understood them perfectly.”

“He asks us to pressure high up the field and that when our opponents attack we can counter quickly, and with the pace we have up front, we try to take advantage of that space to get in between their lines.”

Barça DNA

“The style is the same as always but the truth is we have perfected it more and we have learned to play games that before we found more difficult.”

“I have never seen a Barça side that do not control the game. I have never seen a Barça side that don’t have the ball and that watch their opponents do all the attacking. The style is the same.”

“It helps the team a lot if the defenders have the ability to break out with the ball or make 40, 50 yard passes. Coaches have always asked me to do this and I feel confident accepting that challenge. Barça need that to play their style.”

Força Barça
Força Barça

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