Blanc says a comeback will be very difficult

Blanc says a comeback will be very difficult

The French coach admits that Paris Saint-Germain have little chance of making it to the semi-finals whilst Javier Pastore believes they have nothing to lose

The result of the game in Parc des Princes means that Paris Saint-Germain will have to come from behind if they are to make it to the semi-finals of this season’s Champions League. In the traditional pre-game press conference ahead of Wednesday’s game in Camp Nou, Laurent Blanc and Javier Pastore have admitted that beating Barça will be “very difficult” whilst at the same time highlighting the fact that “we have nothing to lose”.

Below we highlight some of the most important comments from the French coach and the Argentine midfielder:

Laurent Blanc

“I am a realist and we know that it will be very difficult, given that it we have had little time to prepare for the game. We don’t have anything to lose and we will simply play our usual game.”

“We will have the chance to score goals. The only problem is that to get through we cannot concede more. That is impossible given that the majority of team have conceded.”

“Barça dominated but we also will have the ball, but we have to show that we can make them work hard. We will try to pressure them high up the field.”

“The return of Ibrahimovic will have a great impact and he is a player who has great self-confidence. He loves this kind of game.”

“There is a great difference between Barça and us. Barça have great players and it’s a great club who have recently won the Champions League more often than PSG.”

Javier Pastore

“It will be a tough game and I think the only positive is that we have nothing to lose.”

“We have to play well and we will try to score early on to get some confidence. We can win or lose but we go out with the aim of playing well and making our fans happy.”

Força Barça
Força Barça
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