Luis Suárez — not the one you're thinking of — gives his Ballon d'Or to FC Barcelona Museum

Luis Suárez — not the one you're thinking of — gives his Ballon d'Or to FC Barcelona Museum

Luis Suárez Miramontes, who played for Barça from 1954–1961, was the first Barça player to win the prestigious award

Luis Suárez Miramontes, the first player in FC Barcelona history to win the prestigious Ballond'Or — and the only Spanish player to have ever won it — was honoured by Barça on Wednesday in a ceremony during which he donated the award to the FC Barcelona Museum. Club president Josep Maria Bartomeu ceremoniously accepted the original trophy, which Suárez won in 1960, before it is to be permanently located on the first floor of the Museum in a glass display case exhibiting Club relics from the 1960s.

The event was attended by a slew of Club directors and executives along with current midfielder and team captain Andrés Iniesta who, according to many who saw Suárez play, is the player who most embodies the skills and personality that Suárez, now 79 years old, once exhibited for the Catalan Club. Journalist Lluís Canut provided a most eloquent commentary of the legendary player who hailed from A Coruña in Galicia, Spain.

Declarations from FC Barcelona President Josep Maria Bartomeu:

"Todaythe Barçafamily welcomes this giftwith greatadmirationand respect. We are truly grateful forall you havedone for thisclub.We wholeheartedlythank you. "

"Weare very proudthat the Museumcanenjoy a Ballon d'Orfrom one of thebest players to have ever played for theclub, asis LuisSuarez."

"We continue tonurtureourMuseum, whichthis year celebratesits 30th birthday.And today, we take agiant step forwardthat will appealtomany peoplebecauseSuárezisa legend."

"I'm surein a few yearswe will also behere to receivethe Ballon d'Or that, one day, will be won byAndrésIniesta."

Declarations from Luis Suárez:

"I amvery happy andexcited aboutthis event, and I think thatmakingthis donation tothis wonderfulMuseum,wherethere are so manytrophies andso many things revered by the Club, isa wayfor people torelivewhat I was able to achieve."

"It was atFCBarcelona whereIreally grew as a playerand became knownworldwide.I wantto thank thePresidentof FCBarcelonaand myformer teammates."

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