Board make final agreements, name Managing Commission

Board make final agreements, name Managing Commission

The members officially resigned during the meeting to make way for elections

The Boardof Directors of FCBarcelona,at its final meetingthis afternoon, adopted the following measures:

—Official congratulations to the football team forthetrebleachieved recently;thehandball teamfortheachievementof seventitles won;andthe roller hockey team,for theirleagueandEuropean titles

—Ratificationof the agreement withLassaTyres, the leadingtire brandinTurkey,as main sponsor of the sectionsandofficial partnerof the Club

—Ratificationof the global agreementwithOppo, the smartphoneandtablet manufacturerpresent in more than twentycountries,as official Club sponsorfor the next threeyears

—One-year extension of the sponsorship dealwithCocaColaIberianPartnersSA

—Agreement withthe American companyTok.TVfor the grantingof a digital licenseto incorporate an interactive chat functionwithintheFCB App

—Agreement withtheonline UniversitySiglo21of Argentina, part of theWhitneynetwork, forcreatingonline courseswith the FCBarcelonabrand

The Board was also informedof a proposal fromQatarAirwaysto renew thesponsorship contractthat would continue their relationshipuntil30 June2020.

This offer will be presented to the next Board of Directors, following the coming elections. Should the new Board give its approval, the proposal will then have to be ratified by the member delegates at the next Assembly, as set forth in the Club Statutes.

During the meeting the following Board Members officially resigned:

Josep Maria Bartomeu i Floreta
Jordi Cardoner i Casaus
Javier Faus i Santasusana
Carles Vilarrubí i Carrió
Jordi Mestre i Masdeu
Manel Arroyo i Pérez
Susana Monje i Gutiérrez
Jordi Moix i Latas
Ramon Pont i Amenós
Joan Bladé i Marsal
Javier Bordas de Togores
Silvio Elías i Marimón
Dídac Lee i Hsing
Josep Ramon Vidal-Abarca i Armengol
Ramon Cierco i Noguer
Pau Vilanova i Vila-Abadal

Consequently,and in accordance withthe provisions ofarticle35.4ofthe ClubStatutes, it is consideredthat when theresignation of the membersof the Board is both simultaneous and general, the resignation shall immediately give way to the proceduresprovided forin the Articlesto constitute a Managing Commissionwhich replacesthe Board of Directors, with chairmanof the Economic CommissionRamonAdell becoming acting Presidentfrom thatmoment.

Managing Commission created

Immediately following the resignationof thepresident andmore than halfof the FCBarcelona Boardof Directors,RamonAdell, presidentof the Managing Commission, along with Joan ManuelTrayter of the Members' Syndicate, held a session to nominatethe members of theManaging Commissionfrom amongthe members of theoutgoing Board, the membersof the Economic CommissionandtheDisciplinary Commission.

The following were designated as members of the Managing Commission:

Ramon Adell i Ramon, President
Jaume Guardiola i Romojaro, Vice president
Jordi Calsamiglia i Blancafort, Secretary
Josep Ramon Vidal-Abarca i Armengol, Vice secretary
Carles Tusquets i Trias de Bes, Treasurer
Joan Bladé i Marsal, Commission member
Antoni Esteve i CruellaCommission member
Javier Faus i SantasusanaCommission member
Ramon Pont i AmenosCommission member
Josep Maria Xercavins i LluchCommission member

Asprovided in theStatutes,the Managing Commissionshall exercisethe functions ofgovernment, administrationandrepresentationbestowedonthe Board,being limitedto the actsnecessaryand essentialfor maintainingthe normal activitiesof the Club andthe protection of itsinterests.The main functionof the Managing Commissionis the calling of elections, whichshall be heldwithinthree months of the membershaving takenup their positions, in order to constitute anew Board of Directors.

The Managing Commissionwillconvenetomorrow at4.00pm CET.Later,at 8.00pm CET,Commission presidentRamonAdell will appearat a press conference to report on the resolutions adopted.

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