Bartomeu says FC Barcelona have made history

Bartomeu says FC Barcelona have made history

Club president weighs in on last five years, just before elections are to be called

After the 2014/15 season and before the imminent announcement of early elections, FC Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu weighed in on the season, his time as president since January 2014, and the last five years in which the current Board of Directors has been in charge. Bartomeu's speech was marked by the recently achieved Treble:  "We have entered into history and we have done it by going right through the front door." he said.

Bartomeu, who began by announcing the extension of head coach Luis Enrique Martinez's contract until 2017, linked this year's success with Club unity, symbolised by the departing tribute to Xavi Hernández. The president acknowledged that the last few months have exceeded all expectations, recalling that during his 18 months leading the Club he has tackled the issues facing it with "determination, maximum honesty and transparency."

Winning attitude

Bartomeu also discussed the immense success, not just of the football team, but of the Club's different professional and amateur sports. “In the last five years our other sports have won 51 league, Spanish Cup and European Cup titles," he highlighted, adding, “This year was the first ever that Barça won three European Cups.”

He also announced that they were working hard to make Women's Football a professional sport beginning next season. And despite Barça B's disappointing season that saw them relegated to the Second Division B, the model of La Masia has continued to produce. "Since 2010, up to 12 players have risen to the first team."

Revenue forecast

When the assembly moved to the Club's economic health, Bartomeu gave a bright outlook: "The revenue forecast this year is 600 million [euros], which represents an increase of almost 50% in just five years. It is the highest figure in the history of the Club and means, for the first time, that we'll the number one football club in the world in terms of revenue." He pointed out that FC Barcelona have been able to generate 130 million euros in profit while cutting their debt load by 30'% in the last five years. 

Moreover, the Club have done all that without raising ticket prices and still being able to attract the top players in the world. "Today Barça is a global leader," he said.

Força Barça
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