X Supporters Clubs 7-a-side tournament

X Supporters Clubs 7-a-side tournament

Registrations are now open for Supporters Clubs youth football tournament

For the tenth consecutive year, prior to the Joan Gamper Trophy the 7-a-side Football Tournament will take place, as the ending of the season for the Supporters Clubs youth football teams. The event will take place on 3rd and 4th of August, on the pitches next to the Miniestadi.

Team registration

As in previous years, registration of teams will be centralised through the presidents of each of the federations. It is expected that each area will be able to register one team per category, except area 30 and areas 1 and 2, due to their respective peculiarities. In this case, you can download the registration form here. Once completed, you can send it to your delegate, who will forward it to the Supporters Clubs Department, with a deadline of July 27th.

The Club will confirm the tournament registration and will indicate the deadline for submitting documents certifying all players (Supporters Club card, ID, federation identification, etc.), up to a maximum of thirteen, plus three team leaders.

Teams must carry the name of the Supporters Club, and it will be essential that all the players and the coaching team are supporters club members, and that they possess a Supporters Club membership card, or at least are included in the Supporters Club census. Categories will be U-13 and U-11, bearing in mind ages for season 2014-15 (U-11 born between 1st of January 2005 and 31st of December 2006, U-13 born between 1st of January 2003 and 31st of December 2004).

Click on the button below if you wish to register to the the rest of activities on the mark of the World Supporters Clubs Congress.

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Invitations to the Gamper and the Museum

Each participating team will be presented with, amongst other things, invitations to the Joan Gamper Trophy and the Museum Tour, as well as lunch tickets for both days. In addition, one will be able to also enjoy the benefits offered during these days to all Supporters Club cardholders. Thus, one will be able to enjoy all the activities that the Club will organising on these very special Barça dates.

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