Large gathering from the world of architecture for the Espai Barça

Large gathering from the world of architecture for the Espai Barça

The project is making a big impact and is receiving praise, especially with the use of Building information modeling (BIM) at Camp Nou

The concept of the Espai Barça, the preliminary work carried out over the last year and international architecture competitions for the New Camp Nou and Palau Blaugrana are generating much interest among specialists in the world of architecture. Modernity, innovation and sustainability in the remaking of FC Barcelona’s facilities are some of the aspects of the proposed transformation that are gaining the most interest among industry experts.

One of the latest examples of this interest is the application of Building Information Modelling (BIM) at Camp Nou. BIM is a comprehensive methodology for developing prototypes of any building before executing the construction and will provide better management control for the buildings of the future. BIM provides integrated software, three-dimensional models and databases to develop a one-of-a-kind virtual model that simulates the finished building with all its components and complete information about structure, installations, materials, measurements, costs, energy use, phases of construction, or any other parameters deemed necessary to manage the finished building.

Low risk, high efficiency

The club recently took part in European BIM Summit Day, organized by the Col·legi d'Aparelladors, Arquitectes Tècnics i Enginyers d’Edificació de Barcelona (an association of Surveyors, Architects and Construction Engineers), with the participation of David Cano, Project Coordinator of the Espai Barça, to show how this new technology is influencing this new project. The technology has the ability to save up to 20% in the construction budget and more than 15% annually in management and maintenance costs.

This will minimize project risks and increase the efficiency and sustainability throughout the project life cycle, from the design phase to construction, commissioning and the future management of the building.

The use of BIM has enabled the Espai Barça team to accurately specify all the requisites needed by the design teams who took part in the international competition for the New Camp Nou and New Palau Blaugrana.

David Cano, Project Coordinator of the Espai Barça:

"Using BIM technology will allow us to minimize risks in the design and construction phases of the Espai Barça. This way we can guarantee the cost of managing the entire project. In addition to 3D design, this technology allows us to plan and manage costs before building, as well as avoid risks during the execution of the work.”

“In addition, it allows us to build a large database with information on the entire construction process to better manage the entire future building."

Força Barça
Força Barça
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