Structural improvements at Camp Nou for Champions League matches

Structural improvements at Camp Nou for Champions League matches

The new position of advertising hoardings around the pitch, known as the television 'U', allows fans in the first few rows of the stands to have a better view of the action

FC Barcelona have carried out structural improvements in different parts of the stadium to allow better visibility and security for members and fans on Champions League days. Spectators, especially members with season tickets, were able to see the modifications first hand on the day of the game with BATE Borisov and there will be more for the game on Tuesday against AS Roma.

The objective has been to try and resolve some of the long standing complaints that the Social Area and the Members’ Ombudsman receive from members placed in the first few rows of the ground affected by the placing of the televisual ‘U’ and also those with seats close to the zone where the away fans are situated.

To deal with the first problem, the Club has changed the position of the advertising hoardings that surround the pitch. The change has taken place after talks with UEFA to try and find the best solution for the members whilst at the same time complying with the organising body’s regulations regarding advertising.

As such, the televisual ‘U’ has been moved by up to two metres towards the stands in some cases. That allows spectators in the first few rows to enjoy a better line of sight, especially when the action takes place in the penalty area.

With this improvement, the Club still fulfils UEFA’s regulations which establish a series of parameters that must be complied with regards to the television ‘U’. Even though UEFA recommend that the ‘U’ is seen framed with the goalposts, giving the advertisers more visibility, the European governing body gave permission in the last few months for FC Barcelona to find the best solution to the problem. During this season’s Joan Gamper Trophy game the Club carried out a series of tests that were supervised by a team of UEFA representatives.

The changes to the advertising hoardings have also necessitated that the poles supporting the tension in the nets of the goals. That has allowed the television camera to have a better view of the game without any interfering elements.

New separating wall with the rival fans

One of the other measures taken by the Club to improve spectators comfort on Champions League match days affects the area where away fans are situated in the third tier of seating at Camp Nou. The season ticket holders next to this area under the visiting fans have often experienced various problems such as the launching of objects.

It is for that reason that various improvements, such as the replacing of the metal grill that separates the two areas with a transparent polycarbonate wall 2 metres high and 8 millimetres thick. That will help to avoid a great many of the problems that have been an inconvenience to home fans and will allow fans to have improved visibility without the metal grill.

In the next few months a front wall of polycarbonate will be installed as well.

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