Ten quotes from Luis Enrique interview

Ten quotes from Luis Enrique interview

The manager talks about personal aspects, the team and general life in an exclusive interview with Barça TV

“Of all the changing rooms I have been in there have been challenges, managing more than 20 people with different personalities and family situations is always difficult.”

"I have almost never had problems in the changing rooms. Of those which I have had, I have resolved them in the best way. I think speak easily with colleagues.”

"I think I'm close with the players. I like to joke, to be close (with the players) and listen to what they feel while I make my decisions based on what I consider best for the team."

“For me, Leo Messi is the best player in the history of football, Neymar is on his way to becoming one of the best and Luis Suarez is the best centre-forward without any doubt.”

“We have a great attack and more importantly have a great friendship. Therefore it is the perfect scenario.”

“I recommend all parents to oblige their children to study, as is done in La Masia so they have a good education and help in all aspects. At the same time, I would say let them enjoy the football as we did, without pressure. I believe that children should be happy."

"So far we are doing well but we have to keep winning. Now we have a priority which is the Club World Cup, and then we must continue growing and improving in the remaining competitions."

"We hope January will be a special month because we will incorporate the players who were ineligible due to the FIFA sanction. From January to March we will need a lot of players and the support of the fans to help us continue winning in all competitions.”

“We have to make our fans happy as well as ourselves to continue on this track.”

“We seek to break records with this great team through humility and hard work.”

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