FC Barcelona Lassa v Iberostar Tenerife: Top spot secured ahead of play-offs (93-58)

FC Barcelona Lassa v Iberostar Tenerife: Top spot secured ahead of play-offs (93-58)

The basketball team will have home court advantage throughout the playoffs after clinching first place in the regular season table with an emphatic display at the Palau Blaugrana

FC Barcelona Lassa: Satoransky (10), Navarro (11), Perperoglou (5), Doellman (15) & Tomic (12) –starting five– Samuels (13), Arroyo (12), Abrines (3), Oleson (5), Vezenkov (4), Lawal (3) & Eriksson.

Iberostar Tenerife: San Miguel (6), Abromatis (5), Beirán (13), Sekulic (12) & Hanley (5) –starting five– Pérez (3), Jones (2), White (5), Arco,  O’Leary (4), Niang (3) & Gagic.

Periods: 23-16 / 17-16 / 27-12 / 26-14.


Barça Lassa have beaten Iberostar Tenerife in the final game of the ACB regular season, and did so in style with six players making double figures. A third period that ended 27-12 way the key to a game that the Catalans led by 38 at one point, with Ante Tomic outstanding both inside and outside the zone. The win ensures a first place for Barça, who will thus have home court advantage throughout the playoffs, which begin against Fuenlabrada.

Threes from Tomas Satoransky and Justin Doellman got things off to a flying start (9-2), and 5/6 in 3-point attempts boosted kept the difference of seven intact until the end of the first period (23-16).

Tenerife did well to get back to 25-25, but Brad Oleson soon got things going again and a trademark ‘bomb’ from Navarro had Barça five.up by the time of the interval (37-32.

It still wasn’t a strong enough lead to feel comfortable with, but the third period saw Barça Lassa start storming ahead. A 14-0 streak soon had the margin well into double figures (54-32), with Ante Tomic very much the standout figure. Two threes from Juan Carlos Navarro and another from Perperoglou and the win was as good as sealed (67-40).

Barça incessantly rubbed salt into the wound (81-47), and the scoring didn’t let off when coach Pascual started rotating his bench in the final minutes. It all ended very impressively indeed, and the win is the perfect tonic going into what promises to be a tough quarter final series with the side that finished eighth.

Força Barça
Força Barça
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