FC Barcelona accounts for 1.5% of GDP in the city in last season

FC Barcelona accounts for 1.5% of GDP in the city in last season

A study by Deloitte details the Club’s role in generating wealth and revitalising the city of Barcelona’s economy, chiefly with regard to employment, tourism, and revenue

A report carried out by Deloitte on FC Barcelona’s economic impact on the city of Barcelona during the 2014/15 season has reflected a significant increase in wealth generated by the Club with respect to the study presented last year corresponding to the 2013/14 season. The most recent study shows that FC Barcelona’s economic impact was €906 million, representing 1.5% of the city’s gross domestic product (GDP), a 19.3% increase with respect to the 2013/14 season, for which the Club generated €759 million (1.2% of GDP).

The impact of this growth has exceeded forecasts. The study, which was presented on 20 May 2015 at the Círculo de Economía, estimated that the expected impact of the Espai Barça project on the Barcelona economy was also surpassed with the latest results.

The previous study estimated that the impact on the city's GDP would increase by 9% with the beginning of the Espai Barça project and would reach €826 million of GDP and account for 16,628 jobs for the year. Nevertheless, the figure of €906 million for the 2014/15 season already reached the level forecast, without counting the impact of Espai Barça.

The report was presented on Tuesday at an event organised by Barcelona Cultura, which was held at the Col·legi d'Economistes de Catalunya. Participating in the event were the President of the organization, Albert Augustí, the Club’s Vice President of Finance; Susana Monje; the Deloitte partner, Ana Andueza; and the Dean of the Col·legi, Joan B. Casas. The event was also attended by directors Silvio Elias and Didac Lee, and the director general of FC Barcelona, Nacho Mestre.

The results also highlight the effect on employment, with 16,620 jobs accounted for in the city thanks to the Club’s activities, equivalent to 18% of those registered as unemployed in Barcelona. The 16,620 jobs represent a 9% increase with respect to the 2013/14 season, which accounted for 15,265 jobs.

For every euro of direct expenditure in Barcelona as part of the Club’s activities, €2.30 of GDP were generated. FC Barcelona, thus, has been proven as a creator of wealth and revitalisation for the economy of the city of Barcelona, underlining the current and future economic sustainability of the Club.

The study shows the Club’s positive effect on the economy, tourism, employment and tax revenue in Barcelona and is, therefore, one of the main assets of the city, both for direct and indirect generation of income and jobs, due to its ability to mobilise agents that spend money and contribute additional wealth to the city.

6% of the tourism market, thanks to Barça

The study also demonstrates the Club’s effect on tourism. Six percent of the city’s tourists highlighted FC Barcelona as the primary reason they visited the city. Tourism generated by the Club accounted for 1.47 million overnight stays in the city, equal to 59% of what the congress and events industry generates. FC Barcelona mobilised 2.4 million fans and received 1.57 million visitors to the Camp Nou Experience Museum.

Finally, the Club’s effect on tax revenue translated into €242 million in annual tax revenue for the public sector, of which 81% were paid directly by FC Barcelona and its Foundation. For every euro of direct expenditure by the Club and its Foundation in Barcelona, €0.60 in tax revenue was generated. 


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Statement from the Vice President of Finance, Susana Monje.

"We now have a new perspective to explain what the Club is, a new tool that allows us to see the contribution made by the Club from the standpoint of employment and the economy. FC Barcelona is an important driving force for the city’s economy and its importance is growing year after year. It works well, but nothing happens by chance. And in the case of Barça it is the result of applying a management model based on three pillars: sustainability, rigor and globalisation."

"Forecasts suggest that with the Espai Barça the Club will generate €900 million and it is surprising that this figure has been reached after just one season and without the effect of Espai Barça just yet. Future prospects, therefore, are very positive. Barça and Barcelona have a symbiotic relationship. Espai Barça is vital for the Club will be very beneficial to the city and will contribute to improving the economy and employment."

Statement from Deloitte partner, Anda Andueza.

"FC Barcelona has proven to be an economic engine for the city, not only for its ability to  get other agents to spend money in the city, but also for its role as an asset for tourism, since many of Barcelona’s visitors come to see the Club. Barça is an economic sector of the city in its own right, and for every euro in its budget, it generates €2.30 of GDP in Barcelona."

Statement from President of Barcelona Cultura, Albert Agustí.

"We are proud that FC Barcelona, a founding member of the Sport Culture association, has become such an important agent for the economy of the city. Especially relevant are the more than 16,000 jobs it helps create through its activity and that almost 60% of Barcelona’s overnight tourism for meetings is due to the Club."

Statement from the dean of the Col·legi d’Economistes de Catalunya, Joan B. Casas.

"Barça is a global brand with a major economic impact not only in its immediate environment but, I would say, worldwide. The Col·legi seeks to promote rational, informative and documented discussions."

Força Barça
Força Barça

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