Members give Club high marks relating to overall satisfaction

Members give Club high marks relating to overall satisfaction

A telephone poll taken between 9 and 21 June gives high ratings to the Club's image and international projection

FC Barcelona announced the results of the latest Observatory Blaugrana poll on Monday, in which the members gave the Club high marks in several areas.

The Observatory Blaugrana is a telephone opinion poll that the Club conducts every six months to assess the members' opinions of different areas of the Club.

According to Monday's results, the FC Barcelona members gave the Club a score of 7.8/10 regarding general satisfaction with the overall situation of the Club.

The main conclusion of the Observatory Blaugrana for the first half of 2016, thus, is that the members are generally happy with the direction of the Club.

Nevertheless, the results of the last two studies reflected an even higher level of satisfaction. The Club scored an 8/10 one year ago and an 8.6/10 just this past December.

But despite the changing poll numbers, one thing has remained constant — the Club's image and its international projection are the most highly regarded among members, while off-the-field issues produce relatively more discontent among members.

The study was carried out by Time Consultants, which surveyed 1,000 male and female members over 16 years of age and residing in Spain. The poll took place between 9 and 21 June 2016, coinciding with the Board's decision and subsequent announcement of the deal it struck with the prosecutor in the Neymar case. Consequently, member opinions were less positive, particularly on 13, 14, and 15 June, amidst the public debate surrounding the case.

High satisfaction with Club sports

Members gave the Club 8.5/10 on the direction of the Club from a sporting perspective. The score was based primarily on the play of the football team. Sports management and the Club's financial situation were also highly rated.

Internal and external disputes and judicial proceedings affecting the Club were of greatest concern to those polled, with 22.8% agreeing with that concern. The poll numbers for the Club's sections, which did not win any continental titles this year, also fell relative to past polls.

On the other hand, the Espai Barça project — which includes the New Camp Nou and the new Palau Blaugrana — was very encouraging to a wide majority of members, with 85.4% of those polled giving the Camp Nou renovation project high marks. For the construction of the New Palau, the number rose to 89.4%.

The tribute to Johan Cruyff was given a 3.2/4.

The Club's position in defence of the freedom of expression in the case of the Estelades at the final of the Copa del Rey was given a 2.7/4.

The Club's new contract with Nike received a 3.6/4.

Those polled were also asked if they knew anything about the FC Barcelona Foundation, and 86.7% of respondents said they knew of its existence. But just over one quarter said they knew about its activities (1.1/4).

The results of the Observatory Blaugrana have been made available to the public since May 2015, when the results were given to the candidates running for the Club's presidency.

The Board of Directors, fulfilling a commitment made by President Josep Maria Bartomeu, decided to continue making the poll results available to all members, who may consult them on the Club's official website.

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