Jordi Cardoner: Barça members watch the best football at the best price

Jordi Cardoner: Barça members watch the best football at the best price

The 2015/16 campaign was the sixth in a row where the season ticket prices remained the same and the commitment of the Board is to keep it that way until 2021

The 2015/16 season was the sixth in a row in which the prices of season tickets at the Camp Nou remained the same, FC Barcelona vice-president Jordi Cardoner said.

FC Barcelona season tickets are the most economic at elite European football level, and most Primera Division sides. The most expensive in La Liga is Real Madrid at €2,384 compared to €1,097 for Barça, while the cheapest at the Santiago Bernabeu is €323, the Camp Nou’s most affordable season ticket is just €132.

The 2015/16 season ended with 143,459 members: 26.4 per cent were women, while 20 per cent were younger than 15 years of age and 92 per cent live in Catalonia.

During the season, the Barcelona Supporters Services Office (OAB) have handled more than 151,000 calls and nearly 140,000 emails have been answered.

In regards to events and awards for members, thirty events have been organized, which 12,000 members and guests have attended. During the season, 3,000 members attended ceremonies for the placement of supporters’ clubs badges on the stadium.

Second phase of ‘Supporters Clubs XXI Century’ underway

On 30 June, 1,246 supporters clubs and 157,696 supporters club members, with 455 penyas in Catalonia, 690 in the rest of Spain and 101 around the world.

A new magazine aimed at penyas was launched, which celebrated 800 events during the season. It has also been announced that one of the objectives set by the penyas movement, of which the director Pau Vilanova is responsible, is to initiate and structure the second phase of the ‘Supporters Clubs XXI Century’ project, which seeks to open and improve the supporters club model and increase the number of members.

More than 700,000 beneficiaries from the FC Barcelona Foundation

In the 2015/16 season, the Foundation reached more than 700,000 beneficiaries, the highest figure in the history of the club. Of this figure, 204,000 beneficiaries were from programmes in collaboration with UNICEF.

Foundation programs have had a presence in 49 countries worldwide and 31 Catalan towns, with a focus on children and youth.

The FutbolNet program has had 98,100 beneficiaries around the world, 10,700 of them in Catalonia, boys and girls between 8 and 21 years. Barçakids, aimed at children from six to 12 years of age, has had 7,000 beneficiaries.

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