A day of training camp with Denis Suárez

A day of training camp with Denis Suárez

We accompany the new Barça midfielder to the team hotel, its training sessions, and during some of his free time

With FC Barcelona camped out in central England this week for a six-day pre-season training camp at St. George's Park, some of the players are feeling nostalgic, having already been there with the team two summers ago.

But for many, a one week stay in Burton-upon-Trent isn't just off the beaten path; it's uncharted territory.

One of those players in particular is Denis Suárez, the 22-year old midfielder who Barça lured back into the Club's fold after he spent two years out on loan.

But while Suárez may be new to Staffordshire, he will still be following a routine designed to make life easier for him and his teammates.

We followed Denis to breakfast and we went with him to training.

We shadowed him as he attended to the post-workout media blitz.

We sat with him at lunch.

Then, when the players were granted some much deserved time to partake in the leisure activity of their choice, we made an astounding discovery.

But there’ll be no spoilers here.

To find out what makes the midfielder tick, watch this exclusive video that delves deep inside a day with Denis.

Força Barça
Força Barça
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