Twenty reasons why a 2-0 lead should be enough for FC Barcelona

Twenty reasons why a 2-0 lead should be enough for FC Barcelona

That's the number of times that Barça have scored two uncontested goals in a first leg away from home, and that's a lead that no opponent has ever been able to overturn

FC Barcelona have twenty reasons to feel optimistic about collecting the Super Cup trophy after the second leg against Sevilla on Wednesday. That’s because twenty is the number of times that the team has won 2-0 away in the first of two legs in any competition, and every single time the Catalans have gone on to win the trophy or progress to the next round.

Here’s a recap of all those games:

  1. European Cup 1959/60. Round of 16 versus AC Milan. Score: 5-1
  2. Fairs Cup 1961/62. Semi-final versus Red Star Belgrade. Score: 4-1
  3. Copa del Rey 1961/62. Round of 16 versus Basconia. Score: 10-1
  4. Cup Winners’ Cup 1963/64. Round of 32 versus Shelbourne. Score: 3-1
  5. Copa del Rey 1965/66. Round of 32 versus Racing Santander. Score: 8-0
  6. Copa del Rey 1967/68. Round of 16 versus Real Sociedad. Score: 6-1
  7. UEFA Cup 1980/81. Round of 64 versus Sliema Wanderers. Score: 1-0
  8. Copa del Rey 1980/81. Third round versus Barakaldo. Score: 1-1
  9. Copa del Rey 1984/85. Fourth round versus Espanyol. Score: 3-0
  10. UEFA Cup 1986/87. Round of 16 versus Bayer Uerdingen. Score: 2-0
  11. Cup Winners’ Cup 1988/89. Round of 32 versus Fram Reykavik. Score: 5-0
  12. Spanish Super Cup 1994/95. Final versus Zaragoza. Score: 4-5
  13. UEFA Cup 2000/01. Round of 32 versus Bruges. Score: 1-1
  14. Copa del Rey 2006/07. Round of 16 versus Alavés. Score: 3-2
  15. Copa del Rey 2009/10. Round of 32 versus Cultural Leonesa. Score: 5-0
  16. Copa del Rey 2010/11. Round of 32 versus Ceuta. Score: 5-1
  17. Champions League 2010/11. Semi-final versus Real Madrid. Score: 1-1
  18. Copa del Rey 2012/13. Round of 16 versus Cordoba. Score: 5-0
  19. Champions League 2013/14. Round of 16 versus Manchester City. Score: 2-1
  20. Champions League 2015/16. Round of 16 versus Arsenal. Score: 3-1

Note that only one of these games happened in the Spanish Super Cup. That was in 1994/95, when FC Barcelona had won 2-0 in Zaragoza and then won the title after a truly remarkable second leg that ended 5-4 to the Aragonese. That was also the only time that Barça lost the second leg, although they still came out tops, 6-5, on aggregate.

Força Barça
Força Barça
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