Second phase final weeks to submit the census

Second phase final weeks to submit the census

The second phase for submitting the census ends in February

As we have been reporting since last November, the second phase for submitting the census of supporters ends on 28th February. Please remember that as of March 1st the only way to update the census of your supporters will be via the online tool.

Supporters Clubs’ that have not sent in the census before the end of this month, will be ‘on hold’ until June 30th, when the census process will close. This means that the Supporters’ Clubs in question will be excluded from the application and allocation process for tickets for a hypothetical final.

The process will finish with the season and from that moment Supporters’ Clubs that have not submitted the census will be deregistered.

Census necessary for growth

From the moment of its approval at the World Congress of Supporters’ Clubs 2011, the club began work on establishing the legal and logistic processes as well as the timing of the census. Thus, procedures and a timetable for taking it forward were established.

It is vitally important to know the real extent of the movement. Knowing how many supporters there are in the world is the first step in expanding the movement, particularly at the international level, according to the premises of the XXI Century Supporters’ Clubs project.

As of December 31st, more than 55% of the official clubs had already submitted the census and registered more than 100,000 supporters.

Census made easy

The Supporters’ Clubs that have not yet submitted the census of supporters have time to do so until February 28th. Just download the excel file from the Club website and send it duly completed to the Department of Supporters Clubs. This way, the initial upload of supporters will be done internally, making it easier for clubs to process large quantities of members.

From March 1st until June 30th you can still use the online tool to update the census. The members of each club must be uploaded individually.

For more information click on the link below.

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