BM Torrelavega 23-36 Barça: Copa del Rey champions!

BM Torrelavega 23-36 Barça: Copa del Rey champions!

Superiority in defence and offence brings a 28thSpanish Cup trophy to the handball section

FC Barcelona have won the Copa del Rey for the 28th time, doing so in style by seeing off BM Torrelavega 36-23 at the Olivo Arena, the fifth piece of silverware of the season. And they did so with an utterly commanding performance. It's the tenth time in a row that Barça have been crowned winners of this trophy!


How it was won

They wanted to do it by route one, but Torrelavega refused to give in too soon. A early 7-3 lead failed to hold, and even with Dika Mem more plugged in than ever, and the Catalans charging full steam ahead to +7, the opposition still managed to close the gap back to four points. They were determined that this wasn't just going to be a Barça monologue.

But jumping on some clumsy losses, Barça eventually started turning the screw. At 26-16, they finally led by double figures and that was the game as good as decided. 

The difference built up to 15, and by this stage it was just a case of counting down the minutes to the title celebrations.

Special for Dika Mem

It was a very special moment for captain Dika Mem, who has had such an awful week following the death of one of his sisters, and he had only rejoined the team on Friday. It must have been so difficult for him to switch his mind back to playing handball, but he managed to do just that, and posted a brilliant performance to dedicate to her memory.

For very different reasons, it was also a special moment for Luís Frade, who had flown back to Barcelona on Saturday to be there for the birth of his first child.

Five in a season

The Copa del Rey can be added to the Supercopa de Catalunya, the Supercopa Ibérica, Copa de España and Liga Plenitude in what has been a triumphant season, with the only blip being the Super Globe.

And hopefully the best has yet to come. June 8 and 9 brings the EHF Champions League Final Four in Cologne, where Barça and Kiel will be battling for a place in the final against either Magdeburg or Aalborg.


BM Torrelavega, 23
Barça, 36

BM Torrelavega: Mijuskovic (-), Aja (-), Moreno (1), Muñoz (6), Adrián (-), Casanova (1), Czaplinski (3), Abraham González (-), Jurkovic (3), Daniel Ramos (3), Lombilla (1), Hector González (-), Rubiño (1), Cangiani (-), Paredes (2) & Novais (2)
: Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas (-), Janc (2), Dika Mem (8), Petar Cikusa (1), Javi Rodríguez (3), N'Guessan (2), Ariño (7), Nielsen (-), Thiagus Petrus (-), Langaro (2), Makuc (2), Djordje Cikusa (3), Carlsbogard (2), Aleix Gómez (4) & Ian Barrufet (-)

Periods: 2-5; 5-8; 7-11; 9-14; 12-17; 15-19 // 16-23; 17-26; 19-28; 19-31; 20-34; 23-36

Referees: Andreu Marín & Ignacio García 

Força Barça
Força Barça

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