Cartagena 2-1 Barça: Wasn't to be

Cartagena 2-1 Barça: Wasn't to be

An extra-time defeat in the second game of the semi-final series see Jesús Velasco's side's season come to end

That's it for the 2023/24 season for the Barça futsal team, as a 2-1 loss in the second game of the semi-finals series at the Palacio de los Deportes in Cartagena sees the league challenge over. Lucão had put the home side ahead in the first half, before Touré scored and the game went to extra-time, with Tomaz scoring the winner for Cartagena.

So, a tough, injury-hit season comes to a close, with a Spanish Cup in the cabinet, but no Champions League next season as only the league winners qualify. Not the preferred end to coach Velasco's three season stint, but the collective effort was never lacking, even during these semi-finals games against Cartagena.

Cartagena strike first

André Coelho dropping out last minute after not quite recovering from a rib injury in Monday's game was a boost for Cartagena. Duda's team pressed well, had the initial clear chances, exemplified by Javi Mínguez creating and Saura almost connecting (min 5). Dídac was standing firm, however.

Barça grew into the game, first through an Antonio shot (min 6), before efforts by Matheus and Erick (min 9). Pito had the clearest chance after a long pass by Dídac, forcing a corner out of Chemi (min 13). Cartagena broke the deadlock first though, Lucão heading in right on half-time (1-0, min 20), after the blaugranes deserved more for their efforts.

Touré ties the game

Barça came out firing in the second half, both Pito and Catela with chances to equalise, only to come across Chemi in fine form. Not much he could do about Touré's cross shot into the far corner though (1-1, min 23).

Cartagena started playing more freely, Javi Mínguez (min 29) and Darío (min 31) coming closest, but now it was Dídac's turn to stand tall. A fifth foul with 9:21 to go made it more difficult for the blaugranes, although the game was managed well, as no more fouls came.

Home side wins in extra time

Extra time went Cartagena's way, Waltinho with a superb assist for Tomaz (2-1, min 41). Barça used a fly-keeper and had chances to redress the balance again through Pito and Matheus in particular, but the goal just wouldn't come. A tough season for Barça comes to an end, now time to recharge the batteries and come back firing next season, let's go!



Cartagena: Chemi, Tomaz, Bebe, Lucão, Pablo Ramírez - starting five - Mellado, Saura, Javi Mínguez, Waltinho, Darío, Jesús, Motta. 

Barça: Dídac, Erick, Tapias, Matheus, Pito - starting five - Antonio, Puigvert, Adolfo, Catela, Touré.

Goals: 1-0, Lucão (min 20). 1-1, Touré (min 23). 2-1, Tomaz (min 41). 

Referees: Navarro Rodríguez-Villanueva, Sarabia Eguiluz. Yellow cards to Matheus, Erick, Catela and Pito from Barça.

Força Barça
Força Barça

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