Movistar Inter 6-1 Barça: Not our night

Movistar Inter 6-1 Barça: Not our night

Inter's effectiveness in taking their chances saw them win the grand final

Barça Futsal were unable to win the Spanish Cup in the grand final that was played in Madrid against a strong Inter side. The Catalans started well enough and went ahead with a great goal from Ximbinha (0-1, min 4). That would've delighted Barça's new president, Joan Laporta, and managers Rafael Yuste, Aureli Mas , Xavier Barbany and Miquel Camps, who were all in attendance.

However, the tables were quickly turned as Inter forced their way back into the game. Former Barça player Èric Martel equalised in the 13th minute, before Borja's goal put Inter ahead (2-1, min 16).

A golden minute for Inter

After the break, Barça did their best to score but found Jesús Herrero in inspirational form in the Inter goal. Marcenio's second yellow handed Inter a man advantage, and two goals in two minutes (Borja, 28 and Èric Martel, 29) took the game away from the Catalans.

Barça's errors only served to increase the deficit with Cecilio beating Dídac (5-1, min 31), and Saldise scoring from long range (6-1, min 32).

Match Details

Movistar Inter, 6
Barça, 1

Inter: J. Herrero, Boyis, Cecilio, E. Martel, Dani Saldise –starters- Fer Drasler, Pito, Raya, Borja, Bruno Lacovino, Jon. 

Barça: Dídac, Marcenio, Dyego, Matheus, Ferrao –starters- Adolfo, André Coelho, Aicardo, Daniel, Ximbinha, Joselito, Bernat Povill.

Goals: 0-1, Ximbinha (min 4). 1-1, Martel (min 13). 2-1, Borja (min 16). 3-1, Borja (min 28). 4-1, Martel (min 29). 5-1, Cecilio (min 31). 6-1, Saldise (min 32). 

Officials: Cordero Gallardo, Rabadán Sáinz. Yellow cards for Fer Drasler and Daniel. Marcenio received two yellow cards and was sent off.


Força Barça
Força Barça

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