Jeison Murillo: 'I want to show why I was chosen to join the club'

Jeison Murillo: 'I want to show why I was chosen to join the club'

The Colombian centre back looks back on his past and talks about his first memories of FC Barcelona

Jeison Murillo was unveiled as a new FC Barcelona player last month, something he has described as "a dream come true." The Colombian centre back spoke with club media in an interview this past week, in which he spoke about his career so far and his feeling about playing for Barça.

The defender commented that "It's really exciting to be here. Seeing the best players in the world around you is a very gratifying feeling. It fills you with pride, because you know that the road here hasn't been easy." He emphasised that "I want to work every day to show why I was chosen to join the club, and hopefully stay here permanently."

What is Murillo like?

"Those who know me, know what I'm like. I'm a happy person who is always positive, regardless of the situation. I'm a professional who always gives his best. I'm a family man."

His origins

The journey to the Camp Nou started in his home city, Cali. "The people there are very open and it's a city with a good climate. It's also known as the global capital of salsa. I'll always be grateful for what I was taught about life there, that life isn't easy. It was a tough neighbourhood, but thanks to my parents I opted for the right path."

"I've always had a ball at my feet. My brothers and my parents have always played, and we would watch football at home on the TV."

Idols and memories

The centre back also recalled some of his childhood heroes, including some Barça greats.

"When I was little, the heroes that we had in Colombia were Iván Córdoba and Mario Alberto Yepes, who went abroad and were talked about on TV. It was a dream to be like them. Puyol was always a big player whose football was very important for FC Barcelona. I also remember Ronaldinho's debut, Puyol's historic goal, Messi's first games, the six trophies in a season..."


Murillo's full conversation can be watched in this video.

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