Malcom: 'I want to make history at Barça'

Malcom: 'I want to make history at Barça'

The Brazilian, in an interview for the Club's media, talked about his childhood in Brazil, his years at Bordeaux and what joining FC Barcelona means to him

During the US tour, Malcom gave a personal interview to the Club’s media. He spoke about his childhood, his beginnings as a football player, his arrival in Europe with Bordeaux and what it means for him to sign for FC Barcelona.


"When I was little I spent the day playing football on the street with my friends, morning until night. I signed with Corinthians at 10 years of age and started training three times a week so saw my friends less. But it meant that I got to be a professional at 16. I lost part of my childhood but when I have holidays I will always see my friends.

"For me my family is the most important, everything I do is for them. They did a lot for me so I try to help them as they helped me.

“Football was very important to me. I learned to play well and have good technique.

"Celebrating goals? I always thank God, I pat my heart to dedicate it to my family and I make an L for my partner, who always accompanies me in good and bad times."


"I knew Bordeaux was a great choice for me when I came to Europe. I had other offers but I chose Bordeaux to start from scratch. And now I have managed to come to the best team in the world, FC Barcelona.

"Bordeaux is a very quiet city, I've spent great moments there. Europe is very different as in Sao Paulo it was very dangerous to go down the street.”


"Barça for me is more a club. I feel privileged to be here. I want to win titles and be an idol like the great Brazilians who have been here.

"All players dream of playing with Barça. I didn’t imagine it would be so soon, but I knew I could fulfil my dream of playing here.

"In video games I always played as Barça, and I always wanted to play here because I love the style of play, I want to be part of it. I'm very happy and now I want to work hard to win a lot of titles and make history. I want to play with Messi, the best player in the world."

Força Barça
Força Barça

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