When and where to watch FC Barcelona v Sevilla in LaLiga

When and where to watch FC Barcelona v Sevilla in LaLiga

There's midweek action between the teams second and joint third in the league table, and this is the place to work how you are going to get to see it

After the impressive 4-1 victory at Granada, FC Barcelona get straight back to league action against joint third-placed Sevilla. It’s a 7.30pm kick-off locally, while this guide should help you to work out what time the ball starts rolling in your part of the world.

You will also find a guide to some of the principal broadcasters that will be showing the action from the Camp Nou. But if you are unable to get to a TV screen, or if it’s not being shown in your country or region, you can always tune into our live commentary on Radio Barça (the link will appear in the home page shortly before the game starts) or follow our live updates on Twitter.

Wednesday, 5 April

Canada – Vancouver (10.30 AM) / Toronto (1.30 PM)
FCBarcelona: @fcbarcelona & www.fcbarcelona.com@fcbarcelona_fra & www.fcbarcelona.fr
beIN Sports

United States – Los Angeles (10.30 AM) / New York (1.30 PM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona & www.fcbarcelona.com
beIN Sports

Latin America – Mexico City (12.30 PM) / Bogota (12.30 PM) / Santiago (2.30 PM) / Buenos Aires (2.30 PM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona_es & www.fcbarcelona.es
Sky Mexico, DirecTV, Sportsmax

Brazil – Brasília (2.30 PM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona_br & www.fcbarcelona.com.br

United Kingdom – London (6.30 PM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona www.fcbarcelona.com

France – París (7.30 PM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona_fra www.fcbarcelona.fr
beIN Sports

Barcelona (7.30 PM)
FCBarcelona: www.fcbarcelona.catwww.fcbarcelona.es@fcbarcelona_cat & @fcbarcelona_es
beIN LaLiga

Africa – Dakar (5.30 PM) / Yaoundé (6.30 PM) / Cape Town (7.30 PM)
FCBarcelona: @fcbarcelonawww.fcbarcelona.com@fcbarcelona_fra www.fcbarcelona.fr
Canal + Afrique

Turkey – Istanbul (8.30 PM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona_tr & www.fcbarcelona.com

Russia – Moscow (8.30 PM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona & www.fcbarcelona.com  

Arab Countries – Doha (8.30 PM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelonawww.fcbarcelona.com@fcbarcelona_ara & www.fcbarab.com
beIN Sports  

India – New Delhi (11.00 PM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona & www.fcbarcelona.com

Thursday, 6 April

Indonesia – Jakarta (12.30 AM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona_id & www.fcbarcelona.co.id
beIN Sports  

China – Beijing (1.30 AM)
FC Barcelona: www.fcbarcelona.cn

Japan – Tokyo (2.30 AM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona_jp & www.fcbarcelona.jp

Australia – Sydney (4.30 AM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona & www.fcbarcelona.com
beIN Sports  

Força Barça
Força Barça

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