De Jong confident about Lisbon

De Jong confident about Lisbon

Dutch midfielder speaks about the upcoming Champions League final stages and especially Friday's crunch quarter final with Bayern Munich

In an interview with BeIN USA, Frenkie de Jong has discussed a number of Barça related matters, and naturally the main topic of interest was the upcoming Champions League final stage in Lisbon, and especially the enticing quarter final encounter with Bayern Munich:

The win over Napoli

"I think it was an OK match. I think we did well against a good team. Napoli is a difficult opponent but we had a good lead at all times. We got a good result in the first half so we could relax a bit in the second."

His hand

"It was a wasp. I don’t what it is, an allergic reaction or something but it doesn’t bother me!”

Finals in Lisbon

"The team is very confident going to Lisbon. We are one of the best teams in the world with some great players. We have very positive energy and are feeling fine as a team.”


"I don’t mind who the favourites are. Bayern have a really good team and are in really good form but we’ll what happens. After the game on Friday we can say who’s best.”

Champions League favourites

"We are one of the favourites, but Barça always are. But there are several teams that could win the Champions League.”

"The format gives a little advantage to the underdogs. They have a better chance to cause surprises in one game than they have in a home and away game.”

Midfield colleagues

"We have a strong team with some very good midfielders. I have no problem playing with any of them. Sergio Busquets has helped me a lot, especially at first. Not just talking about football, but about life too, telling me stuff about the club. I have a great relationship with all my team-mates.”

Playing position

"I’ve played in a lot of different positions this season. It all depends on the system... With Ajax, for Holland and here at Barça, and also the different coaches. Every coach is different, they use different systems.”

Naming names

"Riqui has done very well this season. He is a skilled and talented, a great player to have come out of La Masia".

"Pjanic is a great player and very good on the ball. I played against him last season so I know he will make the team stronger.”

"Messi is different to the rest. He is by far the best player in the world. Having Messi in your team is a massive advantage.” 

Season in review

"It’s been a really difficult season. A lot of things happened and we had a change of coach. It hasn’t been our best season so far but we can make it a really good one if we win the Champions League.”

Força Barça
Força Barça

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