Messi: 'My idea is to retire at Barça'

Messi: 'My idea is to retire at Barça'

Barça's captain acknowledged in an interview with Catalan radio station RAC1 that he and his family are very happy in Barcelona and that the team can 'win everything'

When Leo Messi talks, the world stops. The Blaugrana No.10 was interviewed on the radio programme 'El món a Rac1' by Jordi Basté, and the Argentine star answered a myriad of questions about very different, past and present topics. From his continuing at FC Barcelona to his family, and team mates such as Griezmann, Piqué and Xavi. He also chose his best game and goal with Barça.

Continuity at FC Barcelona

"Yes, my idea is to stay for many years. I've always thought this way and nothing has changed."

"It's clear that my idea is to finish my career at Barça. Especially because of what I feel for the club and for my family. We are very happy in Barcelona."

The Argentine star in action  - VÍCTOR SALGADO-FCB

"From my childhood I have dreamed of playing for Newell's because of what football means in Argentina, but sometimes one has to prioritise the family. I wouldn't like to break up the friendships that my children have made here, as happened to me when I was little."

"In 2013/14 I did want to leave Barça. There was a situation that went beyond what I felt for the club. I wanted to leave Spain because of the tax issue. I felt mistreated."

Contract extension

"I don't think that there is anything new to report regarding my contract extension, but there will surely be no problem if it materialises. With the club, everything is always simple."

"The last time I talked to Bartomeu was in Liverpool, but we've not met since. I have no problem with him. Sometimes, he asks for feedback from the dressing room on the subject of signings, like with Neymar or Griezmann. But it isn't true that I decide who we are to sign or which coach is here."


"It isn't easy to play FC Barcelona because of our philosophy. Griezmann is accustomed to another style."

The Barça number 10 celebrating with Antoine Griezmann - MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB

"He's a very intelligent player with a lot of quality. He will adapt, and Griezmann is welcome. He's one of the best."


"I think that Neymar regretted leaving FC Barcelona from the first day. He realised that he was wrong."

"I didn't criticise the board for not signing Neymar. I was not part of the negotiations. He is one of the best players in the world." 

The Champions League

"The defeat at Liverpool was the players' fault. We froze and the memory of Rome came into our heads. It was nothing to do with Valverde."

Leo Messi in action at Anfield against Liverpool - MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB

"The decision on Valverde staying came from the club. For me it was a joy, because we always support the coach."

"I would be disappointed to go another year without winning the Champions League. I want to win it again for Barça. In the last two years, if we didn't win it it was because of the players."

"This year we have a team to win everything and lift trophies."

Xavi, coach?

"Xavi is preparing to return. It will be very similar to the experience with Guardiola. I don't know if I will still be here."

Leo Messi celebrating a goal with Xavi and Iniesta - MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB

"It's impossible to find two players like Xavi and Iniesta. Barça's philosophy passed through those two."

Dembélé's red card against Sevilla

"It was very difficult for Mateu Lahoz to understand Dembélé, as it's difficult for Ousmane to form sentences in Spanish. We were surprised the referee understood him so clearly. He finds it hard but he makes himself understood and he understands everything." 


"His statements in Getafe surprised me. I wasn't there (Messi was injured) but I wouldn't have said that. The important thing is that now we are all pulling in the same direction."

"Piqué is a very open and intelligent person, very sincere."

An integrated captain

"Being captain is a beautiful responsibility. I'm very proud."

"The Cross of Saint George was an impressive distinction. I have been in Barcelona longer than in Argentina."

"My children are Catalan, Mateo was born on September 11, to be more Catalan is impossible."

"Tiago has a very large group of friends because they enjoy being with him. He is very intelligent."

Leo Messi wearing the captain's armband - PACO LARGO-FCB

Messi's leisure time

"Antonella is a fan of series'. Before we go to sleep we watch some with each other. 'El Marginal' was an Argentine series that I really liked."

"I play video games with Tiago and we play some matches."

"Family for me is the most important thing."

"I'm not worried that people call me God, but I don't like it. It's beautiful, but very exaggerated. Then my children, at their age, listen and copy it all."

It should be remembered that this interview is part of the presentation of Messi & Cirque du Soleil, a show that Messi describes as "impressive."

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