European Diversity Month at FC Barcelona

European Diversity Month at FC Barcelona

For the third time, FC Barcelona is supporting the European Diversity Month, an initiative promoted throughout the European Union to promote diversity and labour inclusion in companies and organisations

FC Barcelona, ​​with the help of its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion department, has promoted different projects this May, involving other areas of the club with the idea of ​​promoting the recognition of the singularities and differences of each individual and more accessible spaces.

These actions have included the inclusive mannequins at the Barça Store and an agreement with ONCE, proposals that promote changes so that inclusion is the foundation that sustains diversity.

Inclusive mannequins in Barça Store

Since May 17 at the Barça Stores at Spotify Camp Nou, Passeig de Gràcia, Canaletes, La Maquinista and Madrid you can now find mannequins in wheelchairs, with leg and arm prostheses, with graduated sports glasses and cochlear implants, as well as large size models. This initiative aims to naturally integrate the evolution of society by using models that conform to real diversity, so that all people feel included. The message is clear: sportswear and fashion are for everyone.

And, far from being a one-off action, inclusive mannequins will be included in all Barça Stores and will become part of their image from now on.

Accessibility, communication and training

On Thursday 23 May, the president of FC Barcelona, ​​Joan Laporta, signed with the president of the ONCE Social Group, Miguel Carballeda, an agreement that also bears the signature of the institutional vice-president of the club, Elena Fort, and which unites the two organizations for the next four years in the development of communicative, physical and technological elements that will make the future Spotify Camp Nou a benchmark in terms of accessibility and equality.


The club had already announced other plans earlier in the month, such as opening a new area with 7 places for wheelchairs at the Palau Blaugrana, together with seats for an accompanying person, and which will soon be ready for bookings; 'Quieter Hours' on the Barça Immersive Tour and at the Barça Store Spotify Camp Nou, a project to offer a more relaxed experience to people with autism and sensory sensitivity, as well as training on digital accessibility for workers, offering guidelines on good practices so that websites and applications can be used by everyone, regardless of their conditions or disabilities; and the expansion of FC Barcelona's inclusive and non-sexist communication guide, an internal tool for the use of inclusive language and avoidance of discriminatory expressions towards LGBTI groups.

Visits to the Barça Foundation

A few days before playing the final phase of LaLiga Genuine on June 8 and 9, last May 23 the first team players met the team. Less than a week later, they received a surprise visit from Aitana Bonmatí. The midfielder showed the team the two most important individual trophies that she has received in recent months, the Ballon d'Or and The Best award, which accredit her as the best footballer in the world.

These meetings were to give the Barça Foundation players a chance to interact with their idols and, at the same time, feel part of the same 'team'.

Statement by Elena Fort, vice-president of FC Barcelona Institutional Area 

For the third consecutive year, FC Barcelona has voluntarily given its support to European Diversity Month and with the new proposals each year, the club is delving deeper into its values. This year has included diversity and accessibility measures, among others, to develop and adapt our facilities, along with others that are more focused on the future Spotify Camp Nou, which as we have always said is aiming to be the most inclusive stadium in the world.

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