Why The Culers Wall is the feature you have always wanted

Why The Culers Wall is the feature you have always wanted

A fun and engaging way to stay connected with Barça as well as our global community - designed for all Culers around the world!

Have you ever wanted to voice your opinion and let the world know your thoughts about Barça? Are you also curious to know what Culers from all around the globe think and feel about Barça? Well, you have come to the right place! Once you become part of the Barça family, you also form the voices that are heard on Barça's Official Website, and more specifically on The Culers Wall!


If you have ever stumbled upon The Culers Wall without knowing what it was all about, don’t worry we got you covered! 

This exciting addition is home to fans, more accurately, Culers, who share their opinions on weekly topics surrounding the clubEvery week there is a new trending topic in which thousands of Culers from all around the world participate and openly express their feelings and thoughts about Barça.  

And here’s the fun part: If your comment gets chosen to feature on the homepage, then your name AND location will also be on display, putting yourself and your city, region, or country on the map! 

Want to chime in on the fun? Discover our current topic and let your voices be heard! 



  • Have your say on all things Barça 
  • Form part, feel closer and engage with Barça’s global community  
  • Get featured on our official website 
  • Represent your city, region or country  



With all this said, you are probably eagerly wondering how to register to be able to comment and put in your two cents worth on the weekly topics. Keep calm, we will guide you through it! 

STEP 1: Login or register 

STEP 2: If you are already logged in/registered, visit our homepage & find the Culers Wall only by scrolling down! 

STEP 3Click on ‘Have Your Say 

STEP 4Keep an eye out to see if your comment has been featured on the homepage! 

Since the launch of the Culers Wall, we have received thousands of comments from all around the world. Below, you will find some of the best ones! We will be looking forward to reading your comments very soon! 


Força Barça
Força Barça

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