Introducing new Barça features designed just for you

Introducing new Barça features designed just for you

Find out how to personalise our website and make your Barça experience unique to you!

We recently launched an exciting new avatar and header feature that allows Culers to customise their accounts. There are plenty of perks and benefits as a Culer but even more as a Premium Culer! Here is everything you need to know!


If you are logged in as a Culer, your name will now instantly appear in the top right hand corner with a Barça badge to make you feel right at home. But it doesn't stop there, you also get your own avatar. You can either choose from the fashionable avatar gallery (see at the bottom of the article) or stylise it and give it your own touch with a photo of yourself

Unique Benefits as a Culer:

  • Limited access to Barça TV+ (including Highlights)
  • Culers Membersihp Digital Card
  • One-click participation on contests and draws
  • Voice your thoughts on The Culers Wall
  • Match Day Challenge participation, including Guess The Score, Half Time Quiz, and Rate The Game
  • Blue Avatar and Header features




Yet, things get even sweeter! If you are a premium Culer, both your avatar and header will appear in a beautiful, bold gold color to guarantee you feel nothing short of golden. And not only that, but you also have a handful of advantages that we are sure will get you pumped up!

Imagine this: Logging onto your favourite website to see your name, the badge of the club you adore and a picture of yourself all highlighted in a classic gold color. It doesn’t get better than this!

Unique Benefits as a Culer Premium

  • All of the above, plus...
  • Full access to Barça TV+ (including LIVE TV, Full Matches, and Originals)
  • Culers Membership Physical Card
  • Up to 50% discount on tickets 
  • Special offers on branded products 
  • Donation to the Barça Foundation
  • Preferential access to tickets 
  • Special offers from our partners 
  • Gold Avatar and Header features
  • ...and much more!

You aren’t feeling golden yet? Don’t worry, you are only a couple clicks away from feeling extra special!


And as promised, and in case you're too shy to have your own picture, here's the avatar gallery to choose from! 


avatars all


Força Barça
Força Barça

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