Club schedule

All times are in Central European Time/Central European Summer Time unless otherwise stated


Saturday, 27 April (8.45pm)
FC Barcelona - Levante. League. Week 35.

Wednesday, 1 May (9.00pm)
FC Barcelona - Liverpool. Champions League semi-final first leg

Saturday, 4 May (8.45pm)
Celta - FC Barcelona. League. Week 36.

Tuesday, 7 May (9.00pm)
Liverpool - FC Barcelona. Champions League semi-final second leg

Saturday, 25 May (TBC)
FC Barcelona - Valencia. Copa del Rey final



Wedensday, 24 April (9.00pm)
Barça Lassa - Anadolu Efes Instanbul. Euroleague. Quarter-finals. Game 3. 

Friday, 26 April (9.00pm)
Barça Lassa - Anadolu Efes Instanbul. Euroleague. Quarter-finals. Game 4.  (if needed)

Sunday, 28 April (7.30pm)
Divina Seguros Joventut - Barça Lassa. Endesa League.

Wednesday, 1 May (7.30pm)
Barça Lassa - Anadolu Efes Instanbul. Euroliga. Euroleague. Quarter-finals. Game 5.  (if needed)

Friday, 3 May (9.00pm)
Barça Lassa - Kirolbet Baskonia. Endesa League..

Sunday, 5 May (9.00pm)
Herbalife Gran Canaria - Barça Lassa. Endesa League.


Wednesday, 24 April (8.45pm)
Nantes - Barça Lassa. VELUX EHF Champions League. Quarter-finals. First leg. 

Saturday, 27 April (TBC)
Abanco Ademar León - Barça Lassa. Asobal League. 

Saturday, 4 May (7.30pm)
Barça Lassa - Nantes. VELUX EHF Champions League. Quarter-finals. Second leg. 

Tuesday, 7 May (8.00pm)
Barça Lassa - Fraikin Granollers. Asobal League. 


Friday, 26 April (TBC)
Barça Lassa - Kairat Almaty. Futsal Champions League. Semifinal

Sunday, 28 April (1.30pm)
Third and fourth place play off. Futsal Champions League. Almaty Arena (if defeated on Friday)

Sunday, 28 April (4.00pm)
Final of the UEFA Futsal Champions League, Almaty Arena (if victorious on Friday)

Roller Hockey

Friday, 26 Abril (9.00pm)
Igualada - Barça Lassa. OK League. Week 26.

Sunday, 5 May (12.00pm)
Barça Lassa - CH Lloret Vila Esportiva. OK League. Week 27.

Saturday, 11 May (4.00pm)
Barça Lassa - Porto. European League. Semi-finals (Lisbon)

Sunday, 19 May (12.00pm)
C.E Lleida Llista Blava - Barça Lassa. OK League. Week 28.


Barça B

Sunday, 28 April (7.00pm)
Barça B - Badalona. League. Week 35.

Sunday, 5 May (TBC)
Lleida Esportiu - Barça B. League. Week 36.

Women's Football

Wednesday, 24 April (4.00pm)
FC Barcelona - Sevilla FC. League. Week 29. 

Sunday, 28 April (12.00pm)
FC Barcelona - Bayern Munich. Liga de Campeones. Semifinales (second leg Miniestadi)


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