Venice Beach, the iconic beach in Los Angeles immortalised in numerous American films, was taken over by Barça for a few hours this week. The club chose this symbolic location to host a brand event and get closer to fans with a large 'fan zone' -including a football pitch on the beach- and put on activities, workshops and all kinds of free competitions. The event was attended by the Barça Foundation and the San Diego Barça Academy, as well as the First Vice President Jordi Cardoner and Xavier O'Callaghan, recently appointed as Managing Director of the New York office

Fans were able to enjoy themselves with recreational activities on a football pitch, such as a 'skills' tournament, and tested their accuracy with a shooting competition. In addition, 3-on-3 football games were played at the gathering. The fans were also able to learn about the club’s solidarity initiatives and plans for global expansion through Barça Academies. Barça Legend Luis Garcia was on hand for this.

Eighth tour of the USA

The club are undertaking a preseason tour of the United States for the eighth time in their history (the first, held 81 years ago, in 1937, was crucial for their survival) and this is another step in the commitment to the country as a strategic territory, within its global growth plan. Since September 2016, Barça have had a permanent office in New York (the second one to be opened abroad, after that started in Hong Kong in 2013) and a week ago Xavier O'Callaghan was appointed Managing Director of the New York office.

O'Callaghan, who played for FC Barcelona's handball team for 15 seasons and had one of the most successful careers at the club in professional sports, will have the main responsibilities of consolidating the office and his team, and will also become the main Barça representative in America.

The objective of the office is to develop the Barça brand, strengthen its global expansion, and get closer to fans by putting into operation sporting projects such as the future development of a female football franchise in the American league, boost Barça Academies, as well as working on the implementation of social and solidarity projects with the Barça Foundation.

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