Rakuten, FC Barcelona’s main global and innovation partner, visited the Barça Museum on Monday. They did so during a visit to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, at an event in which the Japanese company invited the industry leaders.

Among the attendees, was Rakuten’s CEO Hiroshi Mikitani; FC Barcelona’s President, Josep Maria Bartomeu; Vice President Jordi Cardoner; and the Club’s CEO, Òscar Grau. The first team players Gerard Piqué and Marc-André Ter Stegen, who attended the event.

Over 350 people attended the event which started with a small tour of the Museum, a freestyler performance, followed by a speech by Mikitani.

Bartomeu also said some words about the partnership between Barça and Rakuten, which he considers to be very positive as it allows us to “transmit knowledge and methods to enrich both parties.”

Following the speeches, the guests were able to explore the trophies exhibited and the history of the Club in one of the most visited attractions in Catalunya.

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